Time for tea? Yes indeed!

Tea Tank - Pet Endorsed (Umi & Baxter)

In telling you this story I don’t wish to imply that my life is in any way dull or void of excitement and adventure, it’s just that I’m so full to bursting with enthusiasm for my latest acquisition, that I simply must share the love around … (oh and before you ask, I’m giving voice to this tale because I want to and not because I’ve been paid to endorse or promote this brand in any way).

As a humble yoga teacher and someone who generally resists the accumulation of ‘stuff’, I very rarely indulge in any online shopping these days, so it’s with great reluctance that I part with even the most insignificant sum of money. And even then, on those infrequent occasions when I am moved enough to make a purchase, whatever I buy has to very quickly reveal its value to my life, lest it gets moved along to a new owner.

But after spending much time with my new Tea Tank, I’m happy to report that it has turned out to be one of my best investments ever. Seriously.

Tea Tank - Pet Endorsed (Umi & Baxter)

In the world of warming beverages, coffee will always be my one true love, however it’s difficult to replicate the grounded, reassuring comfort which can be found in the depths of a steaming hot cup of tea (particularly on a cool, crisp winter morning). And while traditionally I’ve stuck to the hearty familiarity of black leaf brews, of late I’ve been drawn to the delights of herbal teas – particularly any blend containing ginger. My love of ginger is such that I’ve even taken to brewing tea from slivers of freshly cut ginger, creating the most wonderfully warm and perfectly bitey infusion.

At some point during my internet travels on one recent tea-drenched day I happened to stumble across the Tea Tank and my tea drinking life subsequently changed forever. Enjoying tea on the run (as I now do) is a novelty that shows no sign of waning – early morning or evening yoga classes are now spent in the company of this warming flask. Even when I’m working at home or pottering about, I’m constantly topping up my tank with hot water so that my heart and hands are continuously warmed.

Apart from allowing me to indulge in tea more often than ever before, the Tea Tank is super easy to use and clean – as simple as popping tea into the inbuilt diffuser, adding water, letting the steam dissipate, and then screwing the lid on. Good to go! The tank is insulated with double wall glass and so keeps your hands perfectly toasty and warm (so nice for cuddling close during winter).

Look, what more can I say? Even my cat Umi loves it (and she’s notoriously fickle about her endorsements). Maybe you or your cat should grab one and join me on this tea-filled adventure?


  1. Christine Sharp

    Oh my – I do love a good purchase myself! And tea! I must look into getting on of these babies!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      I feel like owning one of these makes me love tea even more … I cannot rave about my Tea Tank enough. You definitely won’t regret the purchase! 😀

  2. Taez

    Is the glass shatterproof? I bought a glass teapot earlier this year that won’t crack or shatter… I’m so clumsy that while I love the look of the Tea Tank I fear for it’s longevity in my hands.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Tae – Hmmm, not too sure about that. But I can say the glass feels very sturdy and not at all fragile Being a notoriously clumsy person myself, I’m yet to come even close to dropping it. I’m generally holding it close for warmth! lol.

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