So it’s been a while …

Is there a phrase to describe an awkward silence which goes on for so long that it’s no longer considered awkward? … A comfortable lull? … Or maybe in the manner of dogs, who are thought to perceive time in a less linear sense than humans, could we perhaps just greet each other with warmth and delight as if it’s been no time at all?

Now that’s not to say that I think of my readers as dogs (though I do love dogs), but perhaps I do have some canine readers out there. That’s the thing about the internet, you never know exactly who is reading what you’ve written. So to any potential dog readers let me just send an enthusiastic wag of the tail to you. For everyone else I’ll simply say hello.

While it sounds a little grandiose, since we last spoke my whole life has changed.

I opened myself up to opportunity and discovered that I really love to teach.
I’m now teaching Pilates, completed my Barre Instructor Course, have almost finished my Yoga Teacher Training Course (just one day to go) and will soon get myself sorted as a PT and Group Fitness Instructor. My younger self would find all this very amusing, but I like to think she might also be pretty impressed.

Welcome to dogs, foxes and people

A gorgeous print to welcome dogs, humans and other lovely folk (Mr & Mrs Fox by Doug Holgate).

Up until now I’ve been trying to manage all my course work and teaching around full time work and it’s been a bit of an emotional, physical and mental challenge. So I decided to take a two month break from my day job to give me time to focus on the fun stuff and get back to writing. Because I still love to write.

In a coconut shell that’s pretty much everything that’s been happening in my world since we last spoke. So that’s enough about me.

How has life been treating you dear reader? xx


  1. Carmel

    Beautifully written. Congratulations on your hard work but more importantly congratulations for following your heart and doing what you love. Oh and great fox picture!!!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Thanks so much Carmel. It’s been such a long time since I’ve actually gathered my thoughts (even a little) on where this year has taken me. Sometimes the hardest part in finding a way forward is just taking that first step and then things just start to happen. xx

  2. Gabrielle Bryden

    So that’s why your blog is called ‘quiet paws’ 😉 just kidding! Good on you for following your passions. I am about to go back to full-time work after 14 years of unpaid work – which will be a huge change – hubby is going to be the house husband which will be an interesting experiment.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gabrielle – Haha, maybe I had an idea back when I named the blog that there’d be paws of all kinds and numbers visiting? 😉

      Wow, back to full-time work for you hey? In a different field or where you’ve previously worked?

      That’s going to be a big shift for the family, but perhaps a welcome change of scene / pace for you? Hopefully it’s not a reluctant move. I wonder how your Mr will go as the house husband? Nothing like change to stir things up and bring in new energy. 🙂

      1. Gabrielle Bryden

        It is related but different field – I’ve moved from alcohol and drugs to working with offenders in probation and parole #eek there is a great deal of overlap in the clientele – I will have my work cut out for me!

        1. tracey (Post author)

          Hi Gabrielle – While it does sound like challenging work I bet you rise to the occasion with ease. I’m sure it’s incredibly rewarding too. Best of luck (not that you need it). xx

  3. bobbi

    Oh, hello there!! I’m still in awe with all the life changes you are going through…sometimes if you just let yourself go and follow the flow of your own life magical things happen. I truly believe our life knows better! That is why, after a first moment of discouragement, I decided to let go and see what happens around here. I thought ‘there is probably something much better in store for me’. Right?
    I’m happy you’re back to blogging! Welcome back!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Bobbi – HELLO! Oh gosh, it’s so nice of you to say such things … honestly when I’m in the middle of this (sometimes) swirling mess of everything I’ve got going on it doesn’t feel very awe-inspiring. But thank you, your words mean such a lot. xx

      I completely agree with you about following the flow of your life and seeing where it leads you step by step. There is definitely a power which you tap into and something magical happens. You always know exactly the right way to look at the challenges that life can send us – you’re so right … there IS something much better in store for you.

      Like yesterday I was having the most frustrating day. Everything I tried to do I just couldn’t get done, like everything was resisting me. Eventually I just thought this just means something incredible must be around the corner, and it was. I had a smashingly productive day today.

      Thanks for your welcome back Bobbi. It’s lovely to see you here. xx

  4. Camila Faria

    Oh WOW, that’s really exciting Tracey! I’ve been meaning to go back to my yoga classes for quite some time now. It’s my favorite thing to do, definitely. Congrats on all your achievements!

    And yes, you can think of me as a dog. Or a dog person. LOVE dogs. : )

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Camila – It IS really exciting Camila … but perhaps a little measure of healthy fear is mixed in there as well. Yoga is a wonderful practice to bring into our lives, and I feel so grateful to have truly embraced it. I hope you make your way to a class soon. xx

      So nice to know you’re a dog lover too.

  5. tinyWOOLF

    i think i may be finding myself before crossroads, and i’m undetermined, as i speak. i shall have to wait it out a little. i know i need to make decisions, though.
    well done, you. i’m no dog lover myself, but i love foxes!! 😉

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