Book Review: Love With A Chance of Drowning

Love With A Chance of Drowning

As a general rule I don’t read love stories or travel memoirs. So there were already two major factors working against the likelihood that I’d enjoy ‘Love With A Chance of Drowning’. But like any arbitrarily drawn rule, exceptions can always be made. After all, since becoming a reader of her blog a few years ago, I knew that Torre was a witty writer armed with a warm heart and a bucketload of interesting stories.

So when I finally got around to buying a copy of Torre’s debut book, I was already familiar with her charming style and the gist of her adventurous tale – so I knew I’d have no trouble on those fronts – but what about how her story would be conveyed?

The main reason I don’t read many travel memoirs is that their authors often have a tendency to hold themselves apart from the reader or maintain some measure of distance from their location. The realities of a travelling life get glossed over, lost beneath a neat layer of pretty words and descriptions of stunning vistas. So I feel like I don’t get an honest impression of what it’s like to be that person, in that place and at that time.

Love With A Chance of Drowning

Thank goodness then for ‘Love With A Chance Of Drowning’ because it’s forced me to revise some long-held reading prejudices. Torre is open and honest about the situations she finds herself in, and similarly shares her feelings and fears about the prospect of a long-term sea voyage, the challenges of a yet-to-be-determined future, and a potential great love. What to do if you’re a self-confessed ‘city girl’ with a fear of the ocean and in love with a man who’s about to embark on a sailing adventure across the Pacific? Do you face your fears and join him? Or stay behind and possibly regret that decision forever?

While it took me a little while to adjust to the very personal nature of the story, as the bulk of pages shifted from right to left, I found myself irresistibly drawn in. But don’t worry, it’s not all sun-drenched romance and swashbuckling adventure … there’s plenty of genuine humour sprinkled in as well.

Closing the cover of ‘Love With A Chance Of Drowning’ left me with the feeling of a nice warm hug … and some days that kind of connection just can’t be topped.

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  1. bobbi

    Ha ha!! You’re like me!! I just made a post about a few books I have ordered and there is one that I have a lot of prejudices about…but I’m trying to be a little more ‘open’. Also, I’m trying to give up all those spirituality book I read because otherwise I’ll be locking myself up in an ashram very soon. Not that is a bad thing, but I’ve got furry mouths to feed and work to do.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Bobbi – Oh I’ll have to pop over and read your post. It’s funny how we end up with reading prejudices … but it’s nice that we’re both trying to be a little more open. After all, I’ve discovered some unexpectedly great books by doing just that! 🙂

      Haha … you made me laugh with your plans to give up on reading so many spiritual books … all those furry mouths and the bodies they belong to would miss you if you locked yourself away in an ashram … and yes, I’m sure they’d get a little hungry too. 😉

  2. tinyWOOLF

    oh, that sounds just so terrific. thanks for the link, and i might just be tempted! {all while being genuinely envious, traveling ànd writing; oh yeah, please…}. mhmmmm. n♥

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hello lovely TinyWOOLF – Gosh it is hard sometimes not to be completely envious of the writings and travels of others … at least with this book I was able to keep my jealousy contained and simply enjoyed going along for the ‘warts and all’ adventure. xx

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