On Doing and Not Doing

It’s the day before spring in my little part of the world, so it seems appropriate to breathe some fresh air into this space and make things ready for visitors once more. It’s high time I cleared the mess of tangled cobwebs hanging in the corners, swept the layer of gathered dust and pet hair from the floors, and opened the windows wide to the world outside. Welcome, please come in.

So it’s been a while, and that thing I do where I drop out and disappear without notice … yep I did that again … oops. But I’m here now and I have many things to tell you. Thanks to those who dropped me a line or left a comment in my absence, it’s always lovely to be thought of. Apologies for my silence (I don’t mean to be rude, I just find it difficult to break out of my hibernation). Rather than try to say everything at once and scare myself into silence, here’s a little summary of what I’ve been doing and not doing.

Recent readings

Running. My on-again off-again running habit was reinvigorated last year by completing the couch to 5k program. Since then I’ve maintained a regular running habit of getting out and about 2 to 3 times each week, covering around 20km a week. It’s rarely easy, but I love it.

Watching. So many great TV shows. The most recent series I caught up with was the excellent Sons Of Anarchy, before that it was Orange Is The New Black (both come highly recommended). Apart from that I’ve enjoyed Sherlock, Archer, Utopia, Veep, Elementary and The Newsroom. As for now, I’m currently working my way through the last season of Breaking Bad, catching up on Weeds and enjoying some genuine giggles at Bob’s Burgers. Oh, and my favourite movie so far this year? … The Great Gatsby.

Reading. Mostly fiction. And lots of it. Along the way I’ve discovered some great new (to me) authors and expanded my reading circle. A few stories I’ve journeyed through include Jasper Jones (Craig Silvey), Bitter Greens (Kate Forsyth), Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore (Robin Sloan), Year of Wonders (Geraldine Brooks), Norwegian Wood (Haruki Murakami), Lighthousekeeping (Jeanette Winterson), Case Histories (Kate Atkinson), and All That Is (James Salter). While I tend to read most books on my ipad these days, I’ve actually picked up a few books in hardcopy of late (the only downside is that they add weight to my already bulky weekday train commute). If you’d like to say hello and see what else I’ve been reading you can find me on goodreads.

Travelling. Back in May I finally made it to Japan, and fell more than a little head over heels in love with the place. I can’t wait to go back again and explore different parts of the country and also return to the places I’ve already visited (Tokyo, Kyoto and Takayama). I’ll share more on this later.

Writing. Well I very shamefully include this on my list of not doing. I haven’t written much of anything since returning to the day job, and I can’t even exactly say why. Perhaps it’s just a case of letting reality weigh me down more than I should let it.

Well then, even though I’m probably forgetting a thousand things, that’s a sneaky peek at my recent happenings. I know I don’t always make it easy to stay in touch, but I do hope you let me know what you’ve been up to. I’ll come visit soon.


  1. woolf

    splendid to find you back here!
    no matter what you’ve done in the past half year, as long as it made you day{s}.
    cheerio from belgium.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Oh my dear woolf, how I have missed you (even though you’ve always been right where I could always find you). Thanks for your lovely welcome back … it feels nice to have returned and reconnecting with old friends. xx

  2. Teresa

    Hello and welcome back to the land of blogging! It seems like ages since we last spoke… how time flies!

    Looks like you’ve been busy and filling your time with lovely things like running and reading. Hope work is okay.


    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Teresa – Oh I know … it feels like ages and ages since we’ve caught up. I’ll try to remember to drop you a line this weekend (it’s long overdue).

      Thanks for your lovely welcome back … things have been busy in my world, but sometimes I think I let myself get busy in the wrong kinds of ways. 😉

  3. ejorpin

    Hello! Lovely to see you in my feed again! 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve had a fruitful bloggy break – lots of reading (reminds me I really need to get stuck in to my reading pile, I always feel so much better in the head when I read a bit each day…). I’m currently on shelfari, but maybe I should switch to goodreads beacuse it’s pretty lonely where I am now. I see Lighthousekeeping in your list; I adore Jeanette Winterson, she uses language so beautifully. And so glad you fell a bit in love with Japan (how could you not?!) – look forward to reading more about your adventures…

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Emily – It’s nice to see you here too. I’m not sure why I had such a long absence, seeing as I’m pretty much online most of the time in one sense or another.

      While I’ve always been a reader, I can’t remember being so hungry for new books as I am right now. Much like you, I always feel much better when I get some reading done.

      It’s lovely to see you over on goodreads (hello!), and yes Jeanette Winterson is a beautifully elegant writer.

      Japan was AMAZING and completely exceeded my expectations of wonder. I can’t wait to go back again. 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Tracey – I’m very glad you’ve returned. I missed you, and all of your exceptional talents. An inspiration you are.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Lisa – I’ve missed you and your very kind words too. I hope you’ve been keeping well and that light and laughter abound in your world. xx

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