November happenings

These past few weeks have flown by so quickly, I still can’t quite believe that it’s so close to the end of the year. With nothing very profound to say at the moment, I thought I’d simply share a little of what’s been happening in my world …

A night with Radiohead

:: The land of 9 to 5 is a struggle, but earning money for grand plans is pretty neat.

:: Thom Yorke recently reminded me that I will never be as cool as him.

:: My car was written off, with a nice new car since taking up residence in the garage.

:: There hasn’t been much writing happening, but a few lovely projects are ticking over.

:: The Mr and I have become Saturday morning breakfast regulars at a great local cafe.

:: I’m back into my boxing class routine.

:: Dark chocolate-covered cherries are rather delicious.

:: Inspiration arrives in the most surprising of places.

On that last point, take for instance the (fantastic) tv show Louie. Its freeform approach to plot and character arcs often makes for interesting and unexpected moments of insight. I recently watched the episode which features Joan Rivers talking about the up-and-down career path which most comedians (and many people in creative professions) experience. What she said really got me thinking:

‘Listen. I wish I could tell you it gets better. But it doesn’t get better. You get better. You think it’s been easy? I’ve gone up, I’ve gone down. I’ve been bankrupt. I’ve been broke. But you do it. And you do it because…because we love it more than anything else. That’s why you’re doing it.

You want a real job, honey, there’s a million things you can do. But what we do is not a job…it sounds so stupid…but what we do…is a calling, my dear.’

‘…it doesn’t get better. You get better…’ Love it. And so very, very true.


  1. Lee

    That’s easily one of my favourite quotes from that show and certainly from Joan Rivers herself.

    It’s so true that you can’t wait for life to get easier or better, you need to get better and make life easier no matter how bloody hard it keeps kicking back!!

  2. Morgan

    Sorry about this, but I’m probably gonna sound like Lee……. or Clancy Brown…..except more American.

    I do the same thing. I work the 9-5 (7:45 to 3:45 actually) and I work out on Wednesdays and Thursday. Why?

    (Que Lex Luthor voice)
    Because I’ve got a plan. Do you really think I put up with my job job because I like it? Ha ha. No I have a vision of the future and this is one step along the road. Every day I am in that office I am getting better at my job and when the time is right I will offer my abilities to the highest bidder, jumping several rungs in the corporate ladder.

    I suspect you have a similar idea.

    Rule the world? Pffft who would want to? A game for fools with more ego than brains. C’est la vie.

    ps. By the way the cute girl from the fourth episode from Louie CK is the voice of Bobby Hill. BOOOOOOM

  3. woolf

    interesting, and truly necessary to remind ourselves of that process, when the going gets tough. we do get better. on a different note, we also do get older, which enables the wisdom factor. just being realistic, and i guess speaking from experience. ahem. lovely to read you. enjoy!

  4. Teresa

    Love this quote Tracey! Thanks so much for sharing it. I think I need to check out Louie now. 🙂

    So many people were seeing Radiohead! I bet they put on an amazing show like always. What car did you get?


  5. Selma

    I love that quote too and it is so very true. It is a calling, indeed. I do so hope no one was injured when the car was written off. Are you all OK?

  6. Camila Faria

    So many exciting news! I’ve seen Radiohead live and it’s really amazing. And now I have to find some dark chocolate-covered cherries, they “sound” spectacular. : )

  7. Debby

    I concur with everyone else…you just have to keep on keeping on…

  8. bobbi

    Nobody can be any cooler than Thom Yorke.
    I think Picasso was right and inspiration exists but it has to find you working. And yes, YOU make it better. People really should learn to take responsibility for their own lives, don’t you think? so many people complaining about everything, so little people actually doing something to change things. They are always giving faults to others, to situations…
    Or maybe I should change friends!!!
    Hugs Tracy, take care.

  9. Hila

    I think my mum would agree with Joan Rivers, being an artist herself. It really doesn’t get ‘easier’, you just become better at dealing with all the crap and ups and downs 🙂 Things don’t magically fall into place one day, it’s constant work. I think that takes some of the pressure off with too-high expectations, because if you’re aware there isn’t going to be a perfect ‘end-point’, you can concentrate on building a more sane and flexible idea of ‘success’ as an independent artist.

    It’s been nice to read this update Tracey, I’ve missed you online!

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