Mocha Macarons

This was a first for me … I’ve never before played around with the dark art of macaron making. It was a lot of faffing about with different things and precise instructions (not my favourite way of cooking), and while my mocha creations tasted delicious I’m not sure I’d hurry to make them again. But it’s OK macarons of the world, I’ll still love you forever more.

Mixing and Melting IngredientsMaking RoundsMmm ... macarons with chocolate and coffee

Other recent happenings:

Making … Anzac biscuits (thick & chewy), lemon yoghurt cake for a certain special someone’s birthday.

Watching … The Avengers (hello RDJ, hello Chris Hemsworth), Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol again (lots of fun – an easy watch), X-Men First Class again (why hello Mr Fassbender). Clearly it’s been a month for blockbusters and handsome men (hello husband!).

Writing … lots and lots.

Reading … Frankie, Casual Days (makes me miss Singapore), Super Natural Every Day (lots of delicious meals).

Enjoying … the cool and rainy weather (autumn is so lovely).

After finishing my couch-to-5k running program a while ago, I’ve since embarked on a half-marathon training program just for the hell of it. I’m only in week two, but I’m falling more and more in love with my treadmill, so it’s been going really well so far. Before I go, I must also say thank you for your very sweet comments on my previous post … you guys are the best! 🙂

PS. Don’t forget to pop over to lucent imagery to see what macaron loveliness she came up with for this month’s foodie challenge.


  1. lucent imagery

    Wow, yours look awesome! Mine are very “rustic” looking. Hee hee. x

  2. Hannah

    Oh they look so cute! I really want to make macarons sometime, but i am not doing it until we have stuck to a solid month of strict Paleo through May :/

  3. danica

    Your macarons look so authentic! I turned my hand to making some at home a few years ago and, like you, I can’t say I was terribly inspired to do it again. I think they were just so finicky that I lost patience. It’s much easier to get them from the French patisserie!

  4. Monica

    yes, i’m not a fan of flaffing about, i doubt i would make these. but it’s always fun to give a recipe like this a go.

    wonderful to hear you’re writing lots!
    ghost protocol… have i seen that one?

  5. Felicity

    Oh my giddy aunt!

    Not only have you tempted me with your macarons but each and every morsel you’ve created – wicked, very, very wicked….and perhaps a little inspiring too.

    Am off to visit Lucent Imagery now, clickety click!

  6. Fourth Daughter

    You obviously have more patience than I do, there is no way I would ever attempt macarons!
    Just read your earlier post too… I’m in a bit of a blogging rut as well, as evidenced by my attempt at a blog facelift… it’s more the content though, actually. I like your blog though, because there’s always something interesting happening, and I think there is a theme – kind of lifestylish, perhaps? Just keep doing what you’re doing, I say!

  7. Teresa

    Oh wow! Macarons! You are a much braver and more talented cook than I! They look lovely.

    I can’t wait to see The Avengers! I tried to see it yesterday but discovered the cinema here is closed on Mondays. Who knew?!

  8. Kylie

    Holy crap! I need those now!

  9. Debby

    Ooh they look yummy but like you I’ve always imagined there would be a lot of work involved…seems I was right! But it was definitely worth it…

  10. laura (see hear say)

    looks yum yummm! and by the way, did you use to live in singapore or something?

  11. Sarah

    Dark art, indeed. If I ever learned to make these, I would eat them all.

  12. ejorpin

    Hello! Glad to see you haven’t disappeared from blog-land all together 🙂

    Macarons seem so beyond my cooking abilities, I wouldn’t even think to attempt them. Yours look decidedly delicious and rather professional. Impressive!

    Lovely to read you’ve been writing lots! Exciting! And is ‘Casual Days’ a magazine? I must find out more!

  13. Selma

    I was really interested to read this because I want to make macarons. Yours are so well formed. I am impressed. I am also impressed you are doing lots of writing. YAY!

  14. Linda from Heartfire At Home

    Macaroons are fab, but I’m a desperate fan of ANZAC biscuits. Yum!

  15. trishie

    These look really good! I tried making macarons since and they were such a disaster I’m too scared to try it again

  16. nikki

    wow, i’m so impressed by anyone who can make macarons! these look amazing! must add to my list.

  17. Hila

    I’m so impressed you attempted these, I just gave up when I tried!

  18. Carol Andrade

    your macarons looks waaaaay better than mine! haha
    only did it once, and it was a mess! but tasted good, ganache cream made the difference 🙂

    never really understood the frisson about Fassbender till I watched Jane Eyre last week! Now I gonna watch again some of his movies! 🙂

  19. woolf

    oh! please!!!
    bake me some macarons!
    i always have to travel to paris to get me some…

  20. Sandrine

    well done! mocha sounds really nice!Macarons on a rainy day does not seem to work for me :)tricky little things 🙂
    Well done for the couch to 21!I All this rain had me closer to the couch than the running shoes lately 🙂

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