Final March Challenge Update: the last 7 days

With one week down already in April, it’s definitely time for me to share my final March Challenge update. It was lots of fun to think about all the different things I did in each day and to be more mindful of how I spend my time in all those little moments.

March Challenge: day 25 to 28

  • Day 25: Made a natural hair rinse – When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I’m normally a Kiehl’s girl, but I’m trying a different brand at the moment and wanted to give my hair a ‘refresh’ with a rinse. My hair has never been shinier or healthier (you’re amazing Apple Cider Vinegar).
  • Day 26: Measured the garden beds – This has been a long overdue task. Now I have a much better idea of what plants will fit where and exactly what kind of plants I need for each area.
  • Day 27: Went to a movie – While I love movies, I rarely go out to the cinema any more. This is mainly because it’s ridiculously expensive and other people suck. But it was nice to catch ‘My Week With Marilyn’ before it finished.
  • Day 28: Lunched with a work friend – Since leaving my day job for an extended break late last year, I haven’t caught up with anyone from the office. It was good to get a taste of all the gossip and recent happenings without having to venture anywhere near my desk.

March Challenge: day 29 to 31

  • Day 29: Got my eyebrows threaded – I shall now be saying a permanent goodbye to waxing and going with threading from now on. It was much less painful and gave a much better result.
  • Day 30: Took Baxter to the park – Because he’s an old dog who’s never really enjoyed walks, we tend to exercise him mainly within the backyard. But seeing how happy this walk to the local park made him, well I think a new routine has begun.
  • Day 31: Planted the first vege seeds – The broccoli and cauliflower were the first seeds to get planted, and it was exciting to see that they have already sprouted. I’m looking forward to planting them in the garden (once I get that organised) when they’re a bit bigger.

I’m hoping April brings with it lots more fun and interesting things, but perhaps a little less illness (I got sick three times during the month!). April is the birthday month of the Mr and the time of year when autumn really starts to take hold (YAY!). I hope the start of the month has treated you well and much happiness is abounding!


  1. Lucent Imagery

    I have had that exact same bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar sitting in my bathroom drawer for a couple of months for the same purpose. Would love to know what formulation you made?

  2. Andrew


    I’ve enjoyed following your March updates. Glad the cinema experience wasn’t ruined by others. Best of luck with the gardening.

    All the best for April.


  3. Felicity

    What a great wrap up.
    * Am going to try the apple cider rinse – how could I not after such a ‘glowing’ review.
    * Yay for homegrown veges, a great movie experience [I abhor people eating and slurping near me so it has to be good to get me in too] and lunch dates.
    * Less pain and great results – threading here I come
    * Have you thought of taking Baxter to a dog park? Luke adores it and they go bonkers with other friends leaving you to have a chat to owners and enjoy the view.
    * Here’s to a happy & super healthy April….happy days!

  4. Carol Andrade

    really nice that you make it trought the challenge! I love these kinda of challenge cause we can get more criative ;}

  5. laura (see hear say)

    yay, thanks again for joining in the challenge! oh you poor thing, i hope you’re feeling much better now and let all the illness stay away from you!

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