Home (and away) with my hobes

Are you an online shopper? I’m sure you know by now that I certainly am. It’s so convenient to browse things at my leisure without having to deal with annoying crowds or irritating shop assistants. It’s also rather wonderful to have things arrive through the mail … now every day can feel like a special occasion, and why not I say!

With their packaging leaning nonchalantly against the wall, my new brown canvas Hobes are free to take centre stage. While they’re still a little squishy from their journey through the mail, let me just say that they fit my feet perfectly well. As someone who is a complete fusspot when it comes to shoes, that is high praise indeed!

My new brown canvas Hobes.

Because they’re lightweight and squish up to next to nothing, I’m thinking my Hobes will make an ideal travel companion … well apart from the Mr of course. I quite like the sounds of a ‘Me and My Hobes’ travel adventure … it sounds like the name of a fascinating documentary, don’t you think?

Speaking of all things travel, I will have to tell you the latest and greatest with my travelling plans … all will be revealed very, very soon. I have been doing a bit more local travel lately … sometimes it’s nice to just travel here and there, but not too far from home. Have you ever done that? I think it’s rather refreshing to see nearby places through a traveller’s eyes … you never quite know just what you’ll discover!


  1. Lucent Imagery

    I think I’ve mentioned this to you before, but have you read Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel? One of my favourite parts is when he refers to travelling locally. Can’t wait to hear about your and Hobes’ other travel plans! Hope the two of you can agree on a place! I think Hobes will want non-muddy places, but somewhere with cobblestones maybe so that he can pose against them for photos. 😉

  2. Andrew

    Top of the morning / afternoon / evening to you Tracey,

    Those hobos look very cool. 🙂 Love local travel, often giving you more chance to discover something new about a location, else just enjoying an experience again. Sometimes experiencing a location in a different season is awesome also.

    Have a grand weekend.

    All the best


  3. Camila Faria

    There’s nothing like getting packages in the mail, I love that feeling! I can’t wait to hear your travel adventures! I have to say I’m more used to travel to distant places rather than travel locally. I need to change that!

  4. Gabrielle Bryden

    Online shopping is great for the convenience factor. Love you Hobes (sounds like hobo – haha – you and your hobo friend travelling round the countryside). Can’t wait to find our where you will be travelling too. It’s not France is it (they just had an explosion in a nuclear facility – not good).

  5. Linda from Heartfire At Home

    I have to admit it…. I’ve never heard of Hobes! They look super comfy. Can’t wait to hear of your travel plans… I will live vicariously through you! I’ve never been further than out of my state. Going overseas seems like a far off dream at the moment. Perhaps one day I’ll get there. My mum’s never been out of Australia, so perhaps I’ll follow suit. Hopefully not. I do agree though, travelling locally can be so rewarding and give you the chance to see things with fresh eyes that you might miss otherwise.

    So sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately…. I don’t know where the time goes. I think of you often – the name Quiet Paws is such a lovely one it rolls around in my head sometimes.

    Linda. xox

  6. Debby

    How cool are they….

  7. Hayley Cafarella

    Ooh, those look really comfy! Might have to check em out. I am definitely an online shopper, it’s just so darn convenient and the range is endless. I’ve had more good experiences than bad, so no plans on traipsing around a shopping centre again anytime soon 🙂

  8. ejorpin

    Oh! Travel plans! Exciting!

    Clearly (and luckily, given our current lifestyle!) I love to travel. Even if I’m home for a month I try to have at least one day of adventure – traveling to a new part of the city. There is something so refreshing and grounding about travel, and then there’s the joy and the comfort of coming back home. I’ve learnt so much over so many mile – it’s such a cliche but travel really has opened my eyes and changed how I view the world and my place in it.

    Also, love your Hobes!

  9. hila

    travel plans? please do share!

  10. Caz

    I love travelling locally! I’m lucky in that I can travel between 30 minutes and an hour and be at the beach or in the mountains so I really have no excuse not too get out there and enjoy what my own state has to offer. Looking forward to hearing about you travel plans…

  11. Rel

    The Hobes are rather dashing, can’t wait to find out where they go.

  12. jan

    The Hobes look great – can you wear them outside? I love to travel to Maleny, Eumarella Shores and Montville which are only about an hour and a half from home.

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