Honey coloured memories

Surely there’s no better way to start a week then by reflecting on all that was wonderful about the weekend just left behind? I have to tell you that apart from lazily enjoying my two days off work, I discovered a most delightful homemade breakfast treat. I use the term ‘homemade’ quite loosely, as it really required very little effort on my part. Nevertheless, such home-based treats remind me that not all great breakfasts happen outside the home.

I think there are a few fundamental prerequisites in the creation of a delicious breakfast. (1) A toasted item of some description should be included – whether that be bread, coconut or muesli it matters not. The focus here is something made warm, slightly golden brown, and crunchy. (2) Fresh ingredients should be used – after all, everything tastes better when it’s fresh. (3) Contrasting textures – sure it may sound a little weird, but there’s real pleasure to be found in a layering of flavours and ingredients, so that the differences can be more readily observed and savoured.

A most delightful weekend breakfast

All three of my prerequisites were included within my weekend breakfast of choice – A lightly toasted english muffin, topped with butter, honey and slices of banana (drizzled with extra honey). Mmm, mmm … it was so good on Saturday that I made an encore meal of it on Sunday morning. If only every day could start this way.

Honey is rather delightful in its own way, don’t you think? I tend to use it in different ways to its sweet cousin, Golden Syrup (which I also love). When I think of honey I am transported to other times and places … I remember having honey sandwiches as a child, made on the freshest of white breads that my dad would bring home from the bakery. I am also reminded of honey smeared across big flat bread rolls following a weekend swim at the home of a dear childhood friend … Ahh, happy times indeed.

Thanks for the memories, honey. xx


  1. Lucent Imagery

    Dearest, thank you so much for your birthday wishes. I certainly feel that my 30s will be full of more growth and comfort within oneself. I like that my late 20s kick started this process. And such a lovely reflection on your weekend. I’ve been doing the same and drafting a post in my head about it. I love mashed banana sandwiches as a good power snack before exercise. I haven’t been buying bananas very much lately due to their price but they are usually a staple year round. Have a lovely Monday! (I got the day of the week right this time, hoorah!)

  2. Jan

    My weekly breakfasts are always the same: ham and cheese on a roll or bun. But weekend brunches are such a delight.

  3. Sandrine

    ummmm! That looks delicious Tracey! I never thought about eating banana on toasts but I must admit the honey drizzle makes it very spacial :)Thanks for you sweet comments 🙂 and wishing you a really lovely week! xx Sandrine

  4. Sandrine

    I meant special lol! x

  5. Gracey

    That looks good! I’ll have to try it, but not a big honey eater here…

  6. Camila Faria

    Yummy! That looks super delicious. I also featured my breakfast favorites today at my blog! What a coincidence!

  7. signepling

    Oh yum, I need to try this! Honey and banana sounds lovely together 🙂
    Hugs and a happy Monday to you!

  8. Erika Lee Sears

    YUM! Sounds like the perfect breakfast. I love honey, peanut butter, and bananas sammy 🙂

  9. Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

    Such a perfect looking breakfast! I agree honey is so good! I love picking up fresh honey from the Farmers Market 🙂

  10. sissy sparrows

    Every Sunday we have a very relaxed morning of either a sleep in or a short walk to the local beach…that first hit of sunshine even when it’s winter really feels great. Then home we go for some bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast (something toasted), followed by a freshly ground and brew coffee! In my opinion it is better than any breakfast away from our home!

  11. bobbi

    I try to eat as vegan as I can, so honey was banned. I discovered rice malt: delicious! And you can do the same things you do with honey. I have to try it with bananas. Yum!

  12. hila

    mmm, tracey, you’ve made me drool over my new laptop 🙂 I always used to get honey on toast when I was sick – my mum was convinced that along with chicken soup, it would help me get better. There is something soothing about it.

  13. danica

    this sounds like an excellent morning treat, tracey! i am notoriously bad at preparing anything to eat in the morning, but i think i shall have to try this.

  14. Felicity

    Scrummy, although your memories of honey sandwiches from childhood are far more delicious than mine. Loving the combo that you’ve shared tonight though, especially when displayed on that gorgeous plate.
    Here’s to a week of brekkies that bring delight to the start of our day!
    xx Felicity

  15. Rol

    I like bananas but I can only eat them by themselves. If they’re chopped up an added to any other food – or worse still, cooked – I just can’t handle them.

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