Cameras to lift the blues …

What’s your camera preference? Are you for film or digital?

I recently sold my old Canon SLR camera because quite frankly I hadn’t used it for years. My camera of choice has instead been a wonderful point-and-click digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) – a camera which has served me well for several years. It’s still great, but I do find myself sometimes craving the greater flexibility and more advanced features that can only be found in a more powerful camera … Seeing that I don’t want anything too big, too heavy, or too complex, I’m currently debating between the Panasonic Lumix GF2 or just upgrading my current digital camera to the latest model (DMC-TZ10).

Hmmm … decisions, decisions … what’s your digital camera recommendation? … Any advice would be most welcome.

In saying that, perhaps digital cameras aren’t really your thing at all. I know I prefer having the option of both film and digital, because they each offer different benefits and produce vastly different images.

Some time ago I bought a ‘Golden Half’ camera so I could play around with film once more (I haven’t had much chance to use it yet). Apart from being super cute, it’s a great little camera – taking standard 35mm film but with the ability to double the number of pictures on each roll (each frame becomes two vertical photos – so 24 exposures can become 48 photos). It’s the camera on the right in the picture above.

More recently I added to my film camera collection with a ‘Kumo San’ Wide Angle Lens Camera. Aside from being another compact camera model which takes standard 35mm film, it also features a 22mm wide angle lens – something which allows it to produce some really fantastic shots. Without even meaning to I went for this in a shade of blue too … while the camera comes in lots of different colours and designs, I just couldn’t resist that adorable little cloud motif.

I’m really looking forward to sharing some images that I capture with these two blue beauties … Do you like a mix of both film and digital too?


  1. Jess

    My last camera was a Lumix, and it was awesome. Highly recommend it if you don’t want to take the leap up to DSLR! πŸ™‚

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jess – I’ve always loved Lumix … but I do need a DSLR sometime soon … just not sure I want something too bulky for OS travel. I want it all clearly!! πŸ™‚

  2. Katie

    The Golden Half sounds and looks awesome! Need to look into that.οΌ©also have one of those wide lens film camera and I’ve been getting excited over film photography again.

    I’ve been using my Canon Powershot G1 for a while now, it’s a good point and shoot but my partner and I really want something just a little more professional that requires manual handling so we added the Powershot S95 to our Canon family. It’s very small and very light and comes with the manual mode for use to play with. The only drawback is that it is after all not a DSLR, which means no extra lens.

    I don’t think we are ready for DSLR yet so we are loving it so far. Do check it out!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Katie – I’m so excited you’re getting a Golden Half! We’ll have to compare camera tips and the fantastic photos we end up with … I’ve been looking at one of the Wide Lens cameras for a while now, and I found one quite cheap so figured I’d just take the plunge. I think film photography is so much fun!! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your thoughts on the Canon G1 – I think that’s my trouble … ultimately I want something that’s a bit more professional and a bit more technical than a standard point and shoot.

      I might have to do some shopping around and try out a few different models before buying so I can compare features.

  3. Sophie

    Um they are RIDICULOUSLY CUTE cameras! I love my new big Nikon SLR but it does mean I pull it out less often coz of its size. Also Thanks for saying hi on my blog and also I too get creeped out by stick insects and grasshoppers… so many legs so jumpy *shudder*

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Sophie – I’m so glad you like this adorable little cameras too … it’s so funny I ended up with both cameras in blue without even meaning to.

      The Nikon DSLR is one that I’ve been looking at too, though I do wonder about the size of it – especially seeing I have an overseas tripped not far away to plan for … I want a camera that takes beautiful shots but isn’t HUGE!

      It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog – I’m always happy to chat to people accepting of my stick insect and grasshopper phobia … so creepy, so jumpy and so unpredictable!!!

  4. Katie

    Okay, I just did a little research and bought my Golden Half! I’m so glad I came across your blog!!! πŸ™‚

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Katie – I’m so excited for you! Now we’ll be camera buddies! πŸ™‚

  5. Christine

    I love your blue camera πŸ™‚ It’s adorable. Almost an accessory at the same time :-)) How clever.
    I should be more into cameras, since I use mine quite a bit, but I get totally lost in all the possibilities. It’s the same with phones – I always end up buying someones old camera or phone, ’cause I don’t know how I shall ever narrow it down and buy a new. Hopefully some day. In other words – I shouldn’t give advise here ;-)))

    What I do want to say, is that I love your new blog design πŸ™‚ your beautiful new header and illustrations . Wonderful! And wish you a happy wonderful weekend! And happy camera-hunting πŸ™‚

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Christine – I definitely agree that lovely blue cameras are not just pretty but also act as a colourful accessory all of their own! πŸ™‚

      I know what you mean about getting ‘lost in the possibilities’ of new things. I often struggle with committing to a new item one way or another, because different models offer different features … I can be shockingly indecisive when it comes to new technologies (especially when it’s something like a camera which isn’t exactly cheap).

      Thanks so much for your kind words about my new blog design – I’ve really enjoyed the transition too! Tabitha has been a wonderful artist to work on the design with … she’s such a talent! πŸ™‚

      I hope you had a lovely weekend and that the weekdays treat you kindly this week! πŸ™‚

  6. thursday

    These both sound like really interesting cameras. I would love to see some of your prints!

    I don’t often use film anymore. I made an attempt with a Diana but I failed miserably. I guess the closest I would come to film is with my Instax. I found the camera at a thrift shop, ordered some film and it is working perfectly. Of course, I’m always mega nervous before shooting a photo because the film is too rich for my blood.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Thursday – I think both cameras offer something just a little bit different, so I’m really excited about showing you how the prints turn out too! πŸ™‚

      I’m trying to work with film a bit more often … I love my digital camera, but I do miss the spontaneity of working in film and being surprised at the results after processing. People have told me the Instax is lots of fun, but I know what you mean about the film being super $$ … definitely makes you pause and reflect on each shot.

  7. Mel

    I’m a digi camera gal, definitely πŸ™‚ I’m still learning my way round the lovely Nikon dSLR I got for Christmas, but my Fujifilm p&s has done me really well and can produce some really good shots (including nice depth of field) so I imagine I’ll still use that when I don’t want to carry the dSPR around. I like to take a LOT of pics though, so digi is right for me!

    1. Mel

      dSLR, that is, not dSPR… I haven’t invented a new kind of camera!!

    2. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Mel – I’ve been predominantly a digital girl for a few years, but I think I do like a mix of film cameras just for a bit of fun. I have been looking at the Nikon DSLR as part of my new digital camera short list, but I don’t want the features to be too overwhelming. The shots you share on your blog are lovely though, so that’s definitely something in that camera’s favour! πŸ™‚

      I love taking lots and lots of pictures too, but I wonder if that’s just because I’m so accustomed to working digitally now?? Thanks for your feedback and thoughts! πŸ˜€

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  9. Alyssa

    I bought a fancy dslr a few years ago on a whim – there was a very silly rash decision behind it but you know, young and dumb. I used it i think… twice?! and so sold it last year. But now that i dont have it i miss it and think of many opportunities it would be great to play with.

    I got a new little canon point and shoot for christmas, canon makes my heart smile – its a never fail choice πŸ™‚

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Alyssa – Oh what a shame you miss your DSLR, I know I’ve made bad camera-buying decisions in the past and I suppose that’s why I want to take my time to make a better choice this time around.

      Canon make beautiful cameras, especially in the point and shoot range – in fact I think they’re the brand I always fall back on! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for your thoughts!! πŸ™‚

  10. kellie

    I love my DSLR but I agree it is hard to lug around as an everday camera. That being said, I love playing with film too and would love to try out some toy cameras and more film cameras.
    Love your new header!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Kellie – The features of a DSLR really appeal to me, it’s just that size issue that is a big disadvantage … I’m especially mindful of my OS travel plans this year and so I don’t want anything that’s going to weigh me down too much …

      Until I make a digital decision, I’m hoping the toy cameras offer different perspectives and just a fun diversion …

      Thanks for your kind words on the new design – I’m REALLY loving it too! πŸ™‚

  11. Narnie

    My daughter has a Diana camera and about three SLRs and two digitals, including one panoramic and an instamatic. Ahem, she’s 17 and a bit obsessive. And her obsession with photography is something I am very grateful for. She picks up many of her cameras and lenses second hand (her last one cost Β£3) and find each ones serves a different subject. I’ll ocassionally put up some of her photos in my header – her latest where she made her models stand infront of slides projected onto the back wall are amazing. These are wonderful cameras you have and no, I’m not going to show her or she’ll be begging me for them πŸ™‚

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Kiersty – Oh wow! I’m seriously jealous of your daughter’s camera collection … it certainly sounds like she’s found a passion for photography and perhaps a future calling?

      I think photography is a wonderful creative skill to practice – it’s the kind of thing that the more you do of it, the better your eye is ‘trained’ to see the world around us, and so the better the resulting images are. I wish I had more time to dedicate to taking photos – it’s one of my favourite things!! πŸ™‚

      Haha … well given your daughter’s camera obsession, it’s probably best not to share any more camera buying ideas with her! πŸ˜‰

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