The Twelve Days of Chocmas (Day Six)

So here we are – we’re halfway through this festival of chocolate. That means that my plans to eat healthier and live better are getting closer by the day. Speaking of which, how are you going with deciding what your new year resolutions will be?

On the sixth day of Chocmas,

my true love sent to me

Six chocolate peanuts,

Five giant buttons,

Four choc rochers,

Three lindt balls,

Two golden roughs,

And a tasty minted pattie.

Not only are these peanuts chocolate-covered, but they’re DARK chocolate covered … that means they’re extra healthy (being full of protein and antioxidants). Though the downside is that they are far too easy to eat …

PS. The sun has started shining again in my part of the world, how about you? The fine weather saw me take a quick excursion into the city for a few bits and pieces, though I’m happy to say I was not tempted by any of the sales … online shopping is much less stressful! What did you get up to today?


  1. Jasmine

    YUM! I love choc coated any kind of nuts… but Mick’s nuts in West End do dark choc coated pecans and macadamias. Heavenly! And when its dark chocolate you can kinda convince yourself that it’s healthy haha.

    So happy the sun has come out to play! But found myself complain about the heat today haha…

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jasmine – I definitely agree … chocolate covered nuts are delicious. Have you ever tried chocolate-covered cashews? All I can say is if you haven’t, you must!!

      I’m going to have to plan a visit to Mick’s nuts at West End … dark chocolate covered pecans and macadamias? Oh my, I’m there already!! 😉
      Thank goodness for those antioxidants in dark chocolate, hey? It means we can indulge to our good health … haha

      I know what you mean about it being nice to have the sun back for a while there … I’m a notorious ‘heat and humidity complainer’ too. I see today though that the rain and cooler temperatures have returned once more … a rather nice way to see in the first day of the year I think.

  2. Narnie

    The most dangerous for me – I love them. Love them, love them, love them…

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Kiersty – They are a sweet temptation that I give into time and time again …

      I like to pretend that they’re much healthier than other chocolate options given the protein in the peanuts and the antioxidants in the dark chocolate … that’s aside from the fact that they’re just absolutely delicious!! 😀

  3. Ricardo

    Those look very good and yes, dark chocolate is very healthy as far as chocolate goes. Lowers high blood pressure.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – Dark chocolate covered peanuts are one of my chocolate favourites for sure!

      It’s so wonderful that science is on the side of us all indulging in dark chocolate … though I’m pretty sure that even if it wasn’t, I’d still be munching away on sweet treats! 😉

  4. Mel

    These are definitely no good for me!! I’ve caught up on all your chocolate now, yum 🙂 Maltesers are one of my favourites! And I seem to remember receiving some for Christmas and putting them away in a cupboard, yay – must go hunt them out now!

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