A new element called Courtney Brims

It’s true to say that of late I’ve reinvigorated a few former obsessions – first it was lusting after more beautiful art and then, if you follow me on twitter, you’d know I was once again stocking up on t-shirts. It seems that some old habits die harder than you think.

As it turns out, the two former obsessions recently became wonderfully entwined. Remember last week when I was telling you about my love of local Brisbane artist Courtney Brims‘ work? Well as some of you may know Courtney has collaborated with ‘Element‘ to create a range of ‘wearable’ art and accessories.

Combining all this knowledge with my recent t-shirt obsession, and well there was only one way this could end … with me buying more stuff for me! And so the hunt began …

Finding little success online, I was pleasantly suprised to find the lovely Element ‘Hidden t-shirt‘ by Courtney Brims stocked at my local shopping centre (if you knew where I lived you’d be surprised too). While at the store, of course my eye lingered a little longer than it should have over other ‘Element’ beauties … and before too long I’d spied myself a lovely Courtney Brims ladies slimline wallet (which I somehow resisted), as well as two gorgeous pocket mirrors featuring Courtney Brims’ illustrations.

Amazingly I resisted the beautiful oval shaped mirror which featured a ‘rabbit’ illustration, instead I opted for the square ‘dancing bear’ design shown above. It’s a lovely weighty silver metal affair, with double mirror and secure clip closure (plus it’s an absolute steal at $16) … Of course this beauty HAD to come home with me!

If you’ve been moving in the same blog circles as me, you may know that the lovely Liss of Daydream Lily has also recently collaborated with ‘Element’ to produce a range of accessories and outfits (which also happen to feature Courtney Brims’ illustrations). I suspect you also know what this will mean for my future financial health … it’s looking very poor indeed (but at least I’ll be surrounded by lots of pretty things).

Have you ever struggled to leave past obsessions in the past?


  1. Erika Lee Sears

    I love good t-shirt 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Erika – I honestly swore myself off buying any more t-shirts earlier this year … but it seems that I too love, love, love a good t-shirt. I suppose everything’s cyclical … perhaps I’ll move onto something else eventually?
      … but secretly, I think ‘once a t-shirt girl, always a t-shirt girl’! 😉

  2. Gabrielle Bryden

    It is hard to leave those obsessions behind – I suppose that’s why they are called obsessions 😉

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gabrielle – I honestly thought I had the whole ‘obsession’ with t-shirts, woodland creatures, and general pretty things far behind me … but it seems I haven’t yet escaped. No doubt I’ll be writing a similar like this in many years to come! 😉

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