Four things about me (the second eight)

Here’s the second half of my meme response, you’ll find the first half here. Sorry to say I haven’t had a chance to tag some people to give this meme a go for themselves, so perhaps you’d like to ‘self-nominate’? I promise it’s a fun experience …

Four things I would like to have done but didn’t

  1. Studied Arts at Uni. I’ve always loved to write, and I really enjoyed English at school. When trying to decide on future career paths, I decided to take a scientific path rather than a literary path towards study. Now I realise that those decisions don’t really matter, but I can’t help but sometimes wonder how that other path would have turned out.
  2. Travelled to Greece at 18. That was the year I found out I had some cousins living on one of the Greek Islands. I made some initial inquiries about accommodation, but just never got around to committing to such an adventure. Why Greece? Well I’m not too sure … though it’s still a destination on my ‘to go’ list.
  3. Written sooner. I think I spent too long avoiding a real commitment to creative writing … and I still find I’m doing that today. It’s probably about time for me to abandon over-thinking and over-analysis and just do what I love.
  4. Stayed in touch with more friends. I’ve moved around a bit over the years, and seem to have acquired the really bad habit of not staying in better contact with people I really should have. So now I seem to be playing a bit of catch-up.

Four things you may not know about me

  1. I really love wearing vintage dresses. I love the styles, the colours and the beautiful workmanship they display. At the moment my vintage wardrobe and my work wardrobe are keeping to themselves, but I’m anticipating a future merging of the two.
  2. I’ve been married for ten years this December. Gosh, where has all the time flown? Even though we’ve known eachother for much longer, Mr Quiet Paws and I have almost reached our first decade of married life together … wow!
  3. I ace singing Meatloaf songs in Singstar. When I first began my PS3 singing career I was only hoping to hold a tune, or at least just have some fun. Although secretly it would have been nice to nail the vocals of a female artist with a sweet and angelic voice … but hey … ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.
  4. I’ve just passed 10 years of working in government. Perhaps it’s a year for decade anniversaries? I’m looking forward to taking an extended break from my job in the new year so that I can properly dedicate time to some big creative writing projects.

So now that you’ve reached the end of ’16 things’ about me, I hope you know me a little bit better. Thanks again to Kylie for the tag, it’s been really fun to complete.


  1. Rellacafa

    Hehe, what I noticed most of all reading this is that if I even try to think about things I wish that I’d done and didn’t, I just about cry! Eeep… this little soldier better keep her eyes forward ;D

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hiya Caf – Oh no … you of all people are the most skilled at always looking at the positive of every situation.
      I don’t treat looking back as a regretful experience, rather a way to strengthen the way forward.
      Take care.

  2. fairchildstreet

    I so love your header. Everytime I click on your blog I see the dog sound asleep, makes me smile. Love the fabric of your dresses, I just want to be able to touch the material. As for looking back into the past, can’t do, got to keep going forward and do the best I can. Not sure if you are on facebook but I can’t join, all the people from the past ie school want to be friends. I think well I haven’t spoken to you in over 20 years so don’t think we need to be friends now! LOL. Charmaine

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Charmaine – Thanks so much for your sweet words about my header … it is a much cherished photo of a former companion, so it’s wonderful that other people can appreciate it too! (it was also taken the ‘old-fashioned’ way … with B&W film rather than digital!) …

      I’m the same as you when it comes to the fabric of dresses … I not only want to see the colours, I want to be able to TOUCH the fabric. When I went to see the Valentino exhibition recently, it was really hard not to just reach out and touch the beautiful dresses …

      Moving forward and looking forward is the best policy I think. I tend to only look back from time to time to try and better understand how I got to the place I’m currently at (if that makes sense).
      Gosh, I know what you mean about Facebook – I’m on there, but have managed to avoid former school friends (it’s handy to have changed to my married name – so I’m a bit harder to ‘track’). I honestly don’t understand the need that some people have to reconnect to anyone and everyone they’ve ever known … I mean, you must have stopped talking to them for a reason?? … It’s nice to find a like-minded person in yourself! 🙂

  3. Gabrielle Bryden

    Thanks for sharing Tracey. Very interesting. I did study Arts at Uni (drama major) but sometimes wish I had done science :), though a lot of my psychology subjects were pretty scientific. I lived in Greece when I was nine and it’s one of the best places in the world – I could live there – scrap Japan and go to Greece – haha. 3 and 4 (I have the same problem). Meatloaf!!!! (hahahaha).

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gabrielle – How fantastic that you studied Arts with a drama major … that would have been a great balance against the psychology subjects. Aside from being jealous of the subjects my friends who studied Arts were doing, I was also a little jealous of their contact hours each week – science was a killer for that! Still I suppose it prepared me better for the reality of a full-time working week.

      Wow, living in Greece as a child must have been wonderful – it always looks to be a beautiful and intriguing place … perhaps that’s why it still calls me there??? Haha, perhaps I should just ditch everything and spend the next few years travelling to all these wonderful places?? 😉

      Haha … I know??? Who’d figure me for a ‘Meatloaf’ performer?? 😉

  4. Dan

    I think anyone who’s followed you on twitter for more than 2 days wouldn’t be surprised by the vintage dresses thing 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Dan – Haha, are you suggesting I talk about my love for vintage dresses too much!?!?! 😉
      (surely that’s not even possible)…

  5. Ricardo

    Government job? Tell me how I can flee the US and claim political asylum in your country 😛

    Congrats on the 10 year marriage and more decades to come!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – Haha … yes those government jobs can be nice and stable that’s for sure (at least in Australia they seem to be!). The only downside to you emigrating to Australia is that the acting pool is much smaller … you need to stay in the US to become a mega-star (as of course you will!). Thanks for the congrats on 10 years of marriage – it’s flown by! 🙂

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