Sunday night (blog) takeout

With another weekend swiftly drawing to a close, I find myself sitting at the kitchen table and soaking up the last of today’s sun before it slips away to bed. I can hear neighbourhood children calling to eachother as they play outside in the street, the dull roar of a faraway lawnmower hungrily chewing grass, and birds catching up on events of the day as they start to settle in the trees.

After a busy, yet rather low key weekend (with me and Mr Quiet Paws succumbing to yet another round of the flu) … we’re thinking a nice lazy takeout meal may be just the thing for dinner.

This got me thinking that a quick and tasty bite of blog goodness may also work wonders, and be a fine way to wave goodbye to the weekend. Care to join me?

Aside from the weekend, I’m also feeling that the year is quickly drifting away … and with that the new year starts to loom on the horizon. I’m thinking one of these lovely calendars from ‘Ink and Wit’ may make the transition into the new year much less traumatic. Speaking of the passing of time, perhaps you’d like to get submit a postcard or letter to the ‘The PO Box Human Clock‘ project? It’s pretty cool I reckon.

Maybe just finding more time to be creative is your thing? (I know I need help with this). Check out Erika’s Top 5 Tips to Find Time to be Creative … because sometimes you just need to know something’s possible. There are some really creative people in the world, and I’m always a sucker for the work of great photographers. Have a look at ‘Mr Blanc‘, who ‘gives people of all sorts megabytes of fame’ – I particularly love the ‘Captains of Industry‘ series of photographs.

How was your weekend? Is a lazy takeout dinner in your future too?


  1. Susan

    Oh no! Not you too! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you and Mr QP are on the mend as well. I’ve had a very lazy weekend. We had our takeaway last night and D made bacon rolls for lunch today. I managed a few little things this afternoon but didn’t push myself. Keep telling myself that I can only feel better tomorrow.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Susan – Yes, unfortunately I’ve fallen ill with something too. I think myself and Mr QP will likely be a little worse for wear this week … I’m wishing all of us a speedy recover.
      I’m so glad you had a lazy weekend … I think you deserve a bit of down time!!

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow will have you feeling completely better and back to your usual lovely self! 😀

  2. Mel

    Yucky fluey bugs 🙁 Hoping you’re much better by the time you read this comment xx

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Mel – I seem to have had a bad run with illness recently … funny really that I’m getting sick in spring, while I came through winter with barely a problem.
      Thanks Mel, I’m actually feeling much better today! 🙂

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