Another Soggy Saturday

Much the same as it was last Saturday, today was a cold and rainy sort of day. Not that I’m complaining … I’m definitely a cold weather girl. The last few days have felt like winter’s last hurrah before spring officially takes hold of the season.

So with the rain falling and the temperature dropping, this Saturday was one to spend indoors. In fact I haven’t stepped outside of the house once today – I’ve merely moved myself from one indoor location to the next. From bed, to table, to couch and to computer desk … such bliss can be found within the comfort of a rainy outdoors.

Rainy days for me mean big cups of coffee, pottering about the house in socks, and warm meals cooked on the stove (I had a huge plate of vegetarian spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight, and it was delicious). This weather is a wonderful excuse to indulge in some homebody behaviour and ensconce oneself away with a book, a blanket, a glass of wine, a movie or a friend … Or perhaps all of these things together.

What do you like to do when rainy days come to visit?


  1. Erika Lee Sears

    This last week there was a lot of sunshine and I thought that there would be a little more summer.

    In the rainy season, if I am not painting- I love curling up with a good book or cheesy movie and a snuggle with my dogs and maybe some chocolate cake. 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Erika – The weather has been a bit all over the place for me in the last week … though this brief return to cold, wet and windy is OK by me (it’s just going to be hard to get out of bed on Monday morning if it’s like this). As for what you like to get up to on a rainy day … curling up with a good book or a cheesy movie is THE BEST! Combine that with doggy cuddles and chocolate cake, and it pretty much sounds like paradise! 🙂

  2. jan

    I forget. I live on an (irrigated) desert where it doesn’t rain after March usually and hasn’t started the new rainy season yet. I’m a hot weather lover so it was a location I moved to on purpose.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jan – Oh wow, living on an irrigated desert would be wonderful for a hot weather lover … I really have to move somewhere colder than my current location, I absolutely adore the cool weather, though perhaps it’s just because I’m a homebody at heart and like to stay all cosy at home.

  3. Susan

    Play on the PC (now there’s a surprise!!! LOL) Knit, read, cook. And if the weather is cold as well? COMPLAIN and wish for summer :-).

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Susan – Haha, much like you I LOVE spending time pottering about on the PC. Though knitting, reading and cooking are very pleasant wet weather activities. So I take it you’re another warm weather lover?? 😉

  4. Megan

    Oooh I’m jealous. Love rainy weather and I get hardly any out here where I live. Rainy days immediately make me want to snuggle on the couch under a blanket with a dvd and something tasty and warm to eat for dinner. Windows open if its not too cold to appreciate the lovely smell of the rain. Socks on to keep the toes toasty. Definitely a good book as well and of course if its raining in the morning the ultimate is lying there in bed hopefully not having to get up and just listening to the rain!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Megan – Rainy weather must be my favourite kind of weather … especially if I don’t have to go out and about in it. I much prefer to enjoy it from within my house.

      Like you, rainy days make me want to snuggle up under a blanket, and indulge in something delicious (to both watch and eat). Yes, the smell of rain is absolutely beautiful – especially when it first starts and the fragrance is particularly fresh and strong.

      You’re so right about the joy of lying in bed if it’s raining in the morning … surely that is one of life’s ultimate pleasures?? It’s amazing how toasty a faithful pair of socks can make the toes – I didn’t put any on until late yesterday, and couldn’t work out why my toes were soooo cold.

  5. Andrew

    Hi Tracey,

    Your rainy day sounds wonderful, including the yummy dinner. Love vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. As your weather turns to spring, around the other side of the world Autumn firmly has a grip of our weather.

    For myself and my better half rainy days are enjoyable days also. Depending on the time of year…from curling up on a couch, reading, enjoying the rain and a hot drink to cooking vegetarian food, listening to music and chatting or venturing out with an umbrella along the seafront on a winters morning and then enjoying a hot lunch out or back at home.

    As usual loving your blog posts.

    All the best


    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Andrew – Thanks for your ever thoughtful comment on my rainy day post (you’re such a generous visitor).

      Rainy days are so wonderful … a nice excuse to just take some time out and do things at a slower pace of life I think. The vegetarian spaghetti bolognese Lee and I enjoyed was delicious … so good in fact that perhaps I had a little too much (we even found a local pasta supplier, so that was an extra taste dimension too). Autumn is actually may favourite season of the year – with the weather cooling and the leaves turning and a sense of definite change in the air.

      Your idea of rainy day activities sound delightful! When the weather turns that way, there’s definitely nothing better than spending some quiet, relaxing time with our significant others.

      Take care.

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