A Tuesday Treat

After dragging myself through Monday, I always find Tuesdays to be a bit blah. I mean they’re a bit of a nondescript day, don’t you think?

They’re not the start of the week, not the middle and not the end. Tuesdays are pretty much stuck out there in weekday nothingness for me. At least Thursdays have the benefit of being the day before Friday … Pull your socks up Tuesday, I’m on to you!

Given the ‘blahness’ of my Tuesday attitude, I thought perhaps a treat might be the perfect way to differentiate the day. So here’s a little giveaway for you to win! This cute package of goodies includes: a Monster button pack (from Evil Twin Workshop); two bird gift tags (by Sissy Sparrows); a vintage fabric hair tie (by My Pretty Shadow); and a gift pack including tags, cards and stickers (from Belle & Boo). I’m happy to post worldwide!

All you have to do is share how you’ll be treating yourself today (whatever day it may be for you today). As for me, today I’ll be treating myself to a lunch-time walk across the river to wander about the museum … bliss!

Now it’s your turn. Click on the linky below and complete the sentence, ‘Today I’ll be treating myself to … ‘ and you’ll be in the draw. Be sure to include a link back to your own blog and don’t forget your email address (this won’t be published, but will make it easy for me to contact the winner). The giveaway will close on Monday 11 October, and the winner will be chosen at random.