Saturday (blog) road trip

It’s been a busy sort of week this week (aren’t they always?), and it’s so very lovely to have arrived at the weekend once more. I often think there’s no better way to relax away some time then by embarking on a road trip.

Won’t you join me on a blog road trip? (you’ll find directions below) … don’t get lost!

  1. Head south-west towards ‘Sunset Over Slawit‘ and enjoy Rol’s list of the ‘Top Ten Sugar Songs‘ (Flight of the Conchords always make me giggle).
  2. Travel 450m, then turn right at 74 Lime Lane where you’ll find Kellie’s delightful photographic alphabet.
  3. Continue onto Leonie Wise for some postcards from London (a visit to the Natural History Museum is a dream of mine).
  4. Take the exit towards Epheriell Designs where Jess is busy (as always) making pretty things (this time it’s earrings).
  5. Continue on for 1.3km before taking the third right onto Gabrielle Bryden’s Blog for a wonderful poem called ‘Impressionist Cinema‘ (be sure to linger over her other poems before you leave).
  6. Slight right at Catherine Campbell’s Blog for a preview of the calendar she’s designing for 2011 – it’s square and rather lovely (can you believe 2010 is almost over?).
  7. Travel 800m and turn left at Quit Your Day Job. Read about all the movies I’ve been watching lately (and find out how Lee rates them all).
  8. Veer right to tinniegirl and consider joining me on ‘Blogtoberfest‘ (now with 100% less alcohol than Ocktoberfest).
  9. Continue on 1.9km and take the exit towards The Story Book Rabbit‘s etsy store and marvel at the gorgeous ‘Shy Bunny Vintage Illustrated Plate‘ (I’m a bit of a shy bunny sometimes, are you?).
  10. Take the first right on to Wonderings & Wanderings. In case you hit any traffic on your journey, here’s 24 things to do while stuck in traffic.

Your destination will be on the left.


  1. Gabrielle Bryden

    Thanks Tracey 🙂 I will check out some of the other links when I have a moment (on a road trip of my own at the moment – not one of the fun kinds I’m afraid).

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gabrielle – I’ve been meaning to share some blog link love for a while, so you’re a very welcome inclusion on that list.

      I’m sorry to hear about your very ‘un-fun’ road trip. I’m thinking of you and sending thoughts of peace and kindness your way. Take care.

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