Girl, put your record on …

I’ve carried a small collection of vinyl with me from house to house, and I have no doubt the collection will travel with me in the future. Most of my records have been given to me as gifts or permanently ‘borrowed’ (from my parents, so that’s completely OK) – though there are a few that I’ve bought myself over the years (most of The Beatles inclusions are due to me).

I’ve shown a little sample from my record collection below … but believe me, there are a few much more embarrassing inclusions which are best left under wraps for now.

While I’m a HUGE supporter of upgrading my CD collection to digital, and any new music purchases I make are in that non-physical format … my vinyl collection will always be near and dear to my heart. I love their thinness and their large surface area … for some reason they remind me of a beautifully oversized after-dinner mint, though instead of providing chocolate goodness, they delight the senses in more complex ways.

The process of listening to a record – slipping off the sleeve, placing one on the turntable, and properly balancing the arm is an experience that requires attention and care in a way that other music formats don’t require. It’s not the way I choose to listen to music very often at all, but I do adore the specialness of the vinyl experience and the memories which are trawled up from the past when listening to music on a turntable …

Are you a closet vinyl lover too? What’s lurking in your collection?


  1. Andrew


    Utterly awesome that you still have a vinyl collection. Brings back memories of my own collection and also growing up listening to my parents 60s and 70s collection.

    As always enjoying your blog posts.

    All the best

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Andrew – My vinyl collection is something that I’ve always held on to, even when I’ve made the decision to let go of so many other material things in my life. There’s just something magical about them … I think many of us ‘of a certain age’ grew up listening to the music of our parents … my mum and dad weren’t all that big on music, but I do recall some pop and swing favourites of theirs being turned on the record player …

      Thanks as always for your visits here Andrew … they are much appreciated, and you always have such lovely insights to make. 🙂

  2. Rellacafa

    The only vinyl record that I ever owned was The Muppets!! This post is making me wonder what happened to my awesome collection of cassettes…hmmmm

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Caf – Well my view is that if you ‘only own one vinyl record in your life’ then it should TOTALLY be THE MUPPETS!!! (that’s so very, very awesome!!!).

      As for cassettes … that’s so true, I have no idea where my old collection would be … though I’m pretty sure there’d be some seriously embarrassing titles amongst mine. You should totally do a blog post about it if you manage to track down your collection! 🙂

  3. Narnie

    When I moved a few years back, I had nowhere to go immediately and had to put all my stuff (and that of my three children) in one ships container. I had to be brutal with what I took. I put my collection of vinyl – 100 plus – outside the front door with a please help yourself note. Someone just picked them up and put them in their car. But I kept Freddy Mercury and Monserrat Caballé’s Barcelona album. I couldn’t let such a piece of art go. I still feel pretty bereft that all those memories got put on someone’s back seat. But hey ho. I had the joy of them once.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Kiersty – Oh it’s so hard to let go of some things that we’ve collected over the years, but sometimes there are occasions where it’s simply impractical to hang onto them. You’re so very generous in making your vinyl collection available to a new home. Though I am glad to hear you held on to the Freddy Mercury and Monserrat Caballé’s Barcelona albums! 🙂

      While I can imagine it would be difficult to know that the memories you had wrapped up in that vinyl collection have lost their physical connection with the vinyl itself, perhaps you can take a little comfort in knowing that your memories will always be available for you to touch on whenever you like. I love your view of appreciating that you ‘had the joy of them once’ … that’s such a philosophical way of looking at it.

  4. gracia

    I, too, have a soft spot for vinyl, though sadly its role in the house now is one that is ornamental. They make for a handsome stack of memories, those large after dinner mints.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gracia – Vinyl is wonderful in so many ways, even if that role is just ornamental (they look so lovely). A ‘handsome stack’ indeed … delicious food for the soul and the perfect dessert to indulge the memories.

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