The Artist Within the Office … (I’ve been buying books again)

As you no doubt already know, I love books. In fact it’s safe to say that I REALLY love books. There are some books we read for joy, some books we read to learn from, and some we read to be inspired. You know what’s really special though? When you find a book that combines all three of these reasons in one.

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when we’ve happened across a book that just feels like the words within it have been written especially for us. That’s how I felt when I discovered ‘The Artist in the Office’ by Summer Pierre (who also happens to have a pretty great blog).

Being someone who’s often felt that I exist within two different lives – within and out of the day job, I knew this book would help. Regardless of what you consider your ‘art’ to be, perhaps this book is for you too? Here’s a little excerpt from the back cover:

‘Day after day, this is how it goes: You get up, go to work – and save your ‘real’ self for the cracks and corners of your off time. Your 9-to-5 work might pay the bills, but if it’s not giving you an outlet for your pent-up creativity, it’s time to make a change. This ingenious little book isn’t about throwing over your day job. It’s about integrating the work you have to do with the work you want to do.’

Filled with awesome illustrations and lots of humour, there’s all kinds of fun things to help inspire you to pursue the artistic path in all that you do. Things like: collecting evidence of your day, taking yourself on lunchtime adventures, doing something unexpected, photographing ordinary objects, and heaps of other cool ideas.

If you’d like to better embrace the ‘artist’ within, I would really recommend this lovely book … in Australia you can pick up a copy from the lovely Melbourne store ‘Orlando and Ivy’ (you can also buy from them online).


  1. Andrew

    This looks like a brilliant book! I especially liked the part about lunchtime adventures. I used to go on those….and I should again!!

    Back when we lived in Winchester that used to involve walks around the historic sites or sitting there surrounded by centuries of history. On the island it can involve coastal adventures and more. Wherever you are, we tend to not take note at lunchtimes of the locations, scenery, the quirks, individuality of the location etc. I should get back to that, this post has inspired me to do so.

    Nosing at that page and the mention of flowers and poems. Too right!! I don’t buy enough flowers or read enough poems….. I’m going to keep an eye open for this book at the library and if they don’t get it, consider buying.

    All the best and cheers for sharing.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Andrew – Oh it is a wonderful, wonderful book (I just know you’d love it!). If you’re library doesn’t get it in, you’ll definitely be able to grab a copy on bookdepository!

      I don’t think I go on enough lunchtime adventures, but whenever I do ‘take a turn’ about the city I think, ‘why don’t I do this more often?’. I recently took some time to take a roll of film photos for a photoswap partner overseas, in doing that I walked around my city – a city I thought I knew really, really well – but I soon found that just by changing my perspective and looking with the eyes of someone else, I was able to SEE so much more! (it was wonderful!).

      I want to fill the house with fresh flowers!! (preferably taken from those that have bloomed in the garden) – sometimes we forget the simple ways to bring happiness and joy into our lives.

      Take care… 🙂

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