It’s time to go nude (at least for your food)

Sure, it doesn’t take much for me to be seduced by something lovely in printed form. But in my defence it’s rather rare that the lovely magazine in question will relate to one of my other great loves … food.

Wandering into the newsagents on a lazy Saturday afternoon some time ago I happened upon Issue 4 of the Nude Food Magazine. There’s something rather lovely about the design of the cover don’t you think? Combined with the lovely matte paper which the magazine is constructed from (which feels lovely to the fingertips), the gorgeous illustrations, and the seriously yumbo recipes like ‘Ricotta Hotcakes & Toffee Poached Pears’, ‘Coconut Honey Banana Bread’, and ‘Burnt Orange Caramel Flan’ … well, it’s safe to say that it didn’t take me long to purchase this delight.

I mean it’s like the creators of this magazine figured out a way to get into my mind and determine precisely how I like my magazines to look and feel, and what my most favourite sweet things to eat are … hmmm, that’s kind of scary when I think about it … Inception anyone?

Being a Queensland born and bred magazine, it’s appropriate that this issue also featured a lovely ‘Foodie’s Guide to Brisbane’ … even as a local I found new places to try. It’s rare to find a nicely put together magazine for under $4, and it’s rarer still that you’ll find one at no cost … You can download Issues 1, 2 and 3 of the magazine for free on their website, which is awesome and very generous I think.

Anyway, Issue 5 of Nude Food Magazine is out today and I’m really hoping that my sweet tooth will once more be well catered for … perhaps you share a love of magazines / food / nice paper / locally produced printed material too?

If so, maybe I’ll see you at the newsagents … just don’t buy MY copy, my sweet tooth has a really, really nasty side …


  1. Teresa

    What a great find! I love the look and feel of matte magazines too and I also love the look of that Banana Bread recipe. Have you tried any of the recipes out yet? (I’m going to have to investigate those online issues a little further!)

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Teresa – It’s a lovely magazine to both look at and touch for sure. I wonder what it is about matte paper that is so very appealing … perhaps it has a little more ‘texture’ for our fingertips to appreciate?? I haven’t tried out the Banana Bread recipe yet, but there’s some baking planned for my coming weekend, so will let you know the outcome!! (I shall give you a copy of the recipe so you can reap the benefits of banana bread goodness too!).

      My local newsagent unfortunately didn’t have the latest issue on display today, so I will have to exercise some patience … I’m REALLY hoping for a delicious chocolate cake recipe … *keeping the fingers crossed* 😉

  2. Jess

    Ooh! I’m not a foodie, but this looks just beautiful!

    Some inspiration for the design of *bespoke* 😀

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jess – You’re not a foodie??? You much be so much healthier than me! 🙂
      … I must admit though that I’m not a huge gourmet eater, and I don’t even take on most of the daily household cooking chores … however I really, really, REALLY love all things sweet and will happily devote many an hour to pondering delicious recipes AND creating yumbo desserts / baked goods …

      It is a beautiful magazine – the layout is lovely …. but how exciting that YOUR magazine will be released upon the world soon!!!! Now THAT’S an inspiration!! 😀

  3. Lisa

    Nüde Food Magazine looks playfully quaint in a refreshing “au naturale” way. Its lovely layers amalgamate with just the right communication of impressive retro graphic design, lush ‘n’ rich recipes, Gourmet Getaways, and such…

    I love the description of Victoria’s at Ewingsdale, Byron Bay (Issue 01 2009): “Situated on four acres of vibrant green, perfectly manicured gardens, this magnificent country estate would not look out of place amongst the finest establishments in Provence or Tuscany. Making our way up the tree lined drive, we were immediately taken by the natural beauty of Victoria’s at Ewingsdale”.

    Food and Travel Magazine is probably one of the most sophisticated epicurean/travel magazines I’ve held in my hands. This one’s esthetically intense sixteen ways, and I do so like!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Why hello there, the always delightful Lisa – (How was your journey?) I think your description of ‘Nude Food Magazine’ being ‘playfully quaint’ is perfect, there is most certainly something fresh and fun about the publication … I must admit that I find it difficult to say no to a publication that delights the senses in so many different ways.

      The lovely ‘Victoria’s at Ewingsdale’ (Byron Bay) would be a wonderful place to visit … that little snippet of a description you found in Issue 1 of the magazine sounds like such a dream. Tree lined drives always rank highly in my list of ‘ideal entrances’. 🙂

      I certainly hope the magazine keeps up the high standard (and never, ever changes that lovely matte paper used for its pages).

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