a vintage memory, past and present

When I was a little girl
… I didn’t have a little curl.
… I didn’t sit on a tuffet.
… I wasn’t made from sugar and spice, and all that’s nice.

One thing I did have when I was young was a beautiful gold mesh coin purse which I borrowed from my mum. I’d loved that purse from afar for many, many years and couldn’t really understand why it wasn’t used each and every day. Given that I was young and the purse was precious, it was only on the most special of occasions that I was allowed to use the purse myself.

Looking back now I sadly don’t remember every little detail about that purse, but there are a few small memories that come to mind when called. I remember it being cool to the touch and of a pleasant weight when held in my small hand. I remember it had a little dog charm attached to the side of the clasp (no doubt one of the reasons why I loved it so much). I remember thinking a gold mesh purse was surely THE most glamourous and stylish of purses that a woman could own. I’m not sure how old the purse was or whether it was made under a very fashionable label, but the one thing I do clearly remember is how precious that purse was to my mum.

I remember her hesitancy in lending me the purse to take to school when my own coin purse broke. I remember how disappointed she was when I realised I’d lost the purse at some neglectful moment during the day. She wasn’t angry, she didn’t yell… I just remember her being rather sad.

I often wonder what became of that purse and where it ended up. I hope it found a good home, though I’d really rather return it to its rightful owner. With that thought, I trawl through ebay and etsy from time to time in the hope that I’ll spot a similar purse and send it homeward. If you ever happen across such a purse (based on my admittedly hazy description), it would be lovely if you’d let me know and I’ll happily rectify my first vintage memory and transform it into a happier one.

Moving on from one sad little vintage story in my past, to an exciting vintage future … I’m very happy to announce that I’m the proud co-owner of an online vintage store called Bess Georgette. It would be lovely if you paid me a visit over on the Bess Georgette blog, or if you’re like me and love all things vintage, hopefully you’ll visit the store and we can make some happy vintage memories together!


  1. Lisa

    Your poignant recollection bursts with a kind of sorrowful charm in regards to your quite special, long-lost vintage purse, which has a Paco Rabanne vibe to it. I do hope, one day, a little something similarly it finds its way back into your precious grasp.

    I visited Bess Georgette and it is altogether lovely. The posts have that distinctive Tracey Sargent stamp, which is always undeniably a treat in itself. A very special congratulation to you, and all the very best to great vintages: the pioneering Bess Georgette collaboration.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Lisa – Thank you for your lovely words and kind hopeful wishes to aid my search for my lost vintage purse … While it seems to be a very inelegant way of saying it, I’m so very glad you ‘get’ me, and my often very eclectic thoughts and feelings.

      I also owe you thanks for your very kind words in relation to Bess Georgette … you are as ever a wonderfully thoughtful blog reader and virtual friend. I really do appreciate the special kind of magic that you never fail to deliver with your words.

  2. Gabrielle Bryden

    I remember those sort of purses – they have a weight about them. How sad you lost it. Congrats on the store – I’ve popped over for a look and it looks fabulous 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Gabrielle – Oh you have been a kind visitor to my site recently! I definitely agree with you about the pleasant weight those gold mesh purses have – they seem to sit heavy in the hand regardless of how many (or how few) coins they hold. Thanks for your kind words regarding Bess Georgette … I do so have a soft spot for lovely vintage clothes! 🙂

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