RE-reading books as brooches…

It’s taken me a little while to return to the world of brooches. I have a vague recollection of loving them as a child, but somewhere across the years I became a little less enamoured. Then a few years back when there seemed to be an explosion of cute and interesting brooch designs, I worried that if I succumbed, I would put holes in my clothes… But of course the reality is that very little clothing damage is done.

This year finally I’ve cast aside previous concerns and given myself over to loving brooches once more. In any case, how could I resist such lovely accessories as these by Brisbane crafter RE-read design?

Re-read design

These lovely one-of-a-kind handmade brooches (made from old children’s books) combine many of my loves…woodland creatures, pertinent words and unique design. I hope they do indeed keep me on the right path towards large open spaces…


  1. Lisa

    Greetings to you!

    I happened to be listening to “The Lark Ascending” (Vaughan Williams) when your new post appeared. I don’t wear jewelry anymore, as I feel it distracts too much from my face, although I’ve not ceased for one moment to collect unique artisan flower brooches of varying textures for the past 20 years, or so. Although, I must admit my first flower brooch was a rose with a velvet leopard print (lush fawn background with dark chocolate spots) I purchased from a store called Neiman Marcus, which was either in San Francisco or Boston. I love to wear my retro, yet chic flowers especially on my velvet jackets. Yes, I still sport this look even to this day, and probably always will.

    I’d initially become an admirer of Julian Schnabel due to his admixture of words and art. The montage aspect always held enough power… Although, after meeting him at a lecture he gave in San Francisco, I was an admirer no more…!

    Firstly your photography, content and composition are always a striking blow. There’s lots of *wow* factor in the aesthetics department, which is then followed by your award-winning writing style. It’s like a carefully composed culinary treat with very special epicurean touches!

    After “REreading” your delightful array of brooches emitting angelic animal spirits, I would say their paths are symbolic of yours. Sometimes it’s the messenger(s) that has to show us the way.

    I hope your Christmas is encapsulated with all the love, charm and delights of the season! A very Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Souffle =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Lisa!

      As always it’s an absolute pleasure to have you pay a visit to me here. Your words are consistently wonderful and are very happily received.

      Your thoughts and memories of jewellery are beautifully described and offer a lovely unique perspective. I adore the fact that you’ve been a collector of flower brooches for many, many years. You have that special ability to conjure up clear images of the items you describe; I think that’s something I’ve always loved about your writing.

      Wearing your retro, chic flowers on velvet jackets sounds perfect to me! As I swelter through another hot summer, you open the door to a view of cooler weather and the associated smartly tailored fashion.

      It’s funny how meeting someone (like your experience of Julian Schnabel) can completely change your view of them as a person and as an artist. It can be very hard to separate the person from the work they create – that is a problem that I’ve faced a few times when I’ve been disappointed by the reality of a person.

      Your words about my blog are so lovely… they are high praise indeed coming from you, so thank you a million times over.

      The only trouble I have found with reconnecting with a love of brooches is that I can see myself becoming a little addicted to the collection of them. However this is a happy problem to have…

      I hope your Christmas was magical and wondrous too, and I wish for you the very best of starts to the new year! Onwards to a fabulous 2010!!

  2. Caf

    Aw, they are adorable!! I love brooches, it can get dangerously addictive buying them on ebay though… 🙂
    .-= Caf´s last blog ..The Unemployed Grinch Gets Adorables =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Caf – I know what you mean about buying brooches becoming addictive… I think I’m currently suffering from that very affliction!! 😉

      Have a great new years celebration!! 😀

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