The joys of op shopping…

There are so many benefits to shopping at charity opportunity shops. Firstly, of course is being able to contribute direct monetary assistance to the charities and humanitarian organisations that these shops support. Secondly, these stores are the ultimate in fashionable and practicable recycling. All too often we seem to throw away perfectly good items in the rubbish – I think it is much better to pass them on to another potential user – whether that person be someone in need, or someone like me who would happily pay for your unwanted goods at a charity store. Lastly, there are some amazing bargains to be found – you can be lucky enough to pick up something very special, or at the very least pick up something with a bit of character.

Black Melissa Shoes

I picked up this great pair of black Melissa Stilettos designed by the Campana Brothers with an original retail price of $110 for the bargain price of $15. I know some of you may think, ‘secondhand shoes…gross!’ But being plastic designer shoes I figure they wouldn’t have had too much chance to absorb any grossness, and in any case these look just like new. They have turned out to be one of my MOST comfortable pairs of heels.

Book Bargains

I always feel badly for orphaned or neglected books, particularly when those books are of a pretty good quality. I sifted my way through the bargain book table and came away with this interesting mix of books (some of which I’ve read before, some of which I’m yet to read). Honestly how could anyone say no to 3 books for $1?

Privacy Screen

My most expensive recent charity purchase was this privacy screen (an item I’ve been wanting for a very long time) for $75. Most of the three panel screens I’ve seen for retail sale are quite expensive and are of questionable quality. This one has a really interesting design (which you unfortunately can’t see in this photo) and has the added bonus of being four panels. With a change of fabric and a coat of paint I think it will be just perfect.

I can’t wait to see what treasures I’ll uncover at my next visit!


  1. shraddha

    wow that is a steal for 75$

    i love the shoes too

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Shraddha – I know! What a bargain!! I’ve had my eye on a privacy screen for a while, they’re just so appealing in a retro kind of way! 😉

  2. Ricardo

    The shoes can NOT be any worse than my apron fiasco story. Now that was gross.
    .-= Ricardo´s last blog ..Happy Halloween =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – Oh that’s so true. I don’t think ANYTHING could be grosser than your apron / toilet story… that is truly the stuff of horror movies…

  3. Francesca

    And you say you don’t have any luck with shoes! They are fabulous. And nice book choices! I just bought and read a secondhand copy of A Passage to India and I loved it 🙂 Plus the screen! Awesome work!
    .-= Francesca´s last blog ..Done, Finished, Ready =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Francesca – Perhaps this was my time to be lucky with shoes for once!! 😉 … I really do hope that happens more often!!

      Oh A Passage to India… such a lovely book!! There are so many beautiful books to discover secondhand, I think it most certainly adds to the charm of the read! The privacy screen was a purchase I’ve been meaning to indulge in for quite a while, it was just a happy set of circumstances that sent this one my way…

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