Bill Callahan … a musical soulmate

Some people you just love forever and ever.

For me one of those people is Bill Callahan – an amazing artist of the musical variety. While I’ve never met the man himself, I have loved his musical creations since the very first moment I heard his wonderful voice. I remember that moment clearly… It was a crazy hot summer day, I had just arrived at my destination after a seriously long drive in a non-airconditioned car. Just as I was about to exit the vehicle, a song came onto the radio which persuaded me to linger a little longer despite the heat of the car. I was transfixed – that song was Our Anniversary.

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan (who has also performed as Smog) released a new album a few months back (Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle), and my recent music buying laziness has meant that I’ve only just this week purchased a copy.

Not that you’re supposed to judge a book (or an album) by its cover or anything so shallow – but just look at this one (the slight overexposure of the picture, the horses, the font … it’s just all so lovely, lovely). Just as I had hoped and expected this album doesn’t disappoint. In some ways this album is a more sophisticated and layered album than earlier efforts, but it still manages to share this ‘bigger’ sound in a very simplistic way.

I have a feeling that to really appreciate Callahan’s musical appeal you may have to be a little older, a little wiser, or perhaps simply to have ‘lived some life’. There is such intimate beauty to be found in the imperfection of his voice, and much emotional significance to savour within and between his poetic words. Perhaps you will fall in love too?


  1. Lisa

    I chose “All Thoughts Are Prey to Some Beast”. BC delegates a chic composition with a dramatist style duality that hovers at the same time in juxtaposition with the voluptuous and rolling stylistic music that remains always at the centerpiece of this tale. The solidarity of the birds act out their world in a clever and au courant manner in their mischievous brain tree. They like the repetitiveness of the cheeky sound of the music too. I can see a domino effect of nods from them all, especially since they’ve been specially cast in this likeable, quirky and ominous like play.

    I can see the almost raven like-minded birds playing peek-a-boo up in their whitewashed world, looking down upon the impenetrable five-horse spirit world.
    “…Sweet desire and soft thoughts return to me…”
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..The Seaside Has Its Charms =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Lisa – Sorry for the late reply… I’m slowly catching up after a long absence…

      I do so love your comments… While I’m sure I’ve already told you, I think you are decidedly special.

      I look back on the beautiful written reminders that you leave which tell me of your inspired visions and beautiful artistic eye. Your visits are forever welcome and leave me feeling inspired by your words, and awe-struck by your talent of striking straight at the heart of any matter with such delightful eloquence…

  2. jason

    that cover is fantastic, i love when album designs reflect the contents in a very real way. i’m gonna have to check him ‘n’ smog out!
    .-= jason´s last blog ..RICHIE – CHAPTER EIGHTEEN (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shousetsu) =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hey Jason – Apologies for my belated reply…

      I love this cover of Bill Callahan’s album too… such a bonus that I do so love his music. If you do ever give his musical work a listen I’d love to know what you think!! (fingers crossed you love him).

  3. Ricardo

    I’m getting a very 70s retro feel from the whole thing.
    .-= Ricardo´s last blog ..So I Was Watching The Exorcist the Other Day =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – Yep, I think it’s very safe to say that Bill Callahan most definitely channels a retro, old-school kind of musical vibe… I love the low-tech nature of his sound… 8)

  4. shraddha

    i am so gonna check it out!!!

    lovely post!
    .-= shraddha´s last blog ..One single impression prompt – allow =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Shraddha – Sorry for my tardy reply… I’ve been offline for a time.

      I’d love to know what you think of Bill Callahan’s music if you do manage to get around to listening to some of his beautiful work…

  5. Mental Mist

    its a beautiful haunting song! for me, i guess this special place would be for Suzanne Vega, Solitude Standing …
    .-= Mental Mist´s last blog ..oxeye daisy =-.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Mental Mist – Oh yes, Suzanne Vega certainly knows how to tap into deep emotional springs…

      I hope you have been keeping well! I’m back to the blog after a little break, so catching up on my lovely comments…

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