Could I spend $20 on soap? … Apparently yes.

There have been many, many times in my life where I’ve selected essential products based purely on the outcome of a very simple cost-benefit analysis. The simplicity of this analysis was that it was driven by two fundamental determining factors. Firstly, what is the cheapest possible product I can buy that will still fulfil the basic functionality of the product? (cost = cheap). And secondly, what is the best quality product I can buy that will have the least amount of negative impacts? (benefit = won’t kill me).

I am very thankful to be in my current position where I no longer have to apply the above analysis strictly to every purchase that I make. I feel inclined to look after myself more than I used to and as part of that thinking I take the opportunity to indulge in better quality items whenever budget allows. Such a philosophy I have recently applied to the purchase of soap.

I’ve long been tempted by the beautiful packaging and presentation employed by MOR Cosmetics. Everything about their products speaks to me of luxury, seducing the eye and nose with promises of something that will be unlike anything ever experienced before. The only thing that would cause me to hesitate to purchase in the past was the price tag, which for a 200g bar of soap equates to just under $20. Yikes!

MOR Black Cherry Plum Soap

But after years of doing the rounds with supermarket-bought liquid and bar soaps, I figured it was about time to indulge and try for quality. MOR seemed like a natural choice – it is the result of a collaboration between Australian designers (bonus!), it is deliciously hand-wrapped in decadent paper and ribbon (bonus!), and it smells divine (bonus!). Taking myself then off to Myer I spent some time trying to choose which MOR soap to try (once I make a decision for action I can often agonise painfully over the details).

While I was temporarily tempted by the lovely fresh citrus fragrance of the Blood Orange variety, I ended up opting for the Black Cherry Plum (Barre de Savon Mélangée à la Main) which looked very old-world elegant, with a strong yet balanced floral fragrance. I love the description of the scent, ‘combines the sultry, bold fragrance of Black Cherry with the light, subtle sweetness of Plum to bring you the perfect balance‘.

Reading further on the packaging I then discovered that MOR soaps are triple-milled (which certainly sounded like an additional bonus!). Apparently triple-milled soaps are unlikely to be something you’ll find at your local supermarket – they are much smoother than normal soaps, and produce a creamier, more luxuriant lather (claims which I can certainly support). So after doing some research I discovered that the deal with triple-milled soap is this … When soap is being made it is dried before being made into bars. During the drying process the soap turns into crystals which can produce a rough based when made into normal soap bars. Triple-milled soaps are passed three times through a heavy duty roller mill to repeatedly crush the soap crystals and make them into an extremely fine, smooth paste before they are made into bars.

MOR soap unwrapped

Taking my lovely soap purchase home I really had to convince myself to unwrap it as it was just so beautiful. Eventually I did of course, and as you can see the product on the inside is just as lovely as the outside packaging suggests. And I have to admit that compared to other soaps I have used, this one is very generously sized, leaves the skin feeling clean but not dry, and seems to be longer lasting.

I have to say that this was $20 very well spent!


  1. The Triple Echo

    Perfume and soap are my all time luxuries that never fail to allure with their opulence and finery. I’ve always been a lavish collector of fine soaps. Not a triple-milled bar goes unnoticed once I’ve stepped into the hushed silence of a certain kind of store. I’m sure I would be perfectly drawn to Mor’s mysterious Imperia ~ Flower of Narcissus collection. As you can tell, I like to do good things for myself, and I’m glad you do too!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Triple Echo – Oh I know what you mean about indulging in the glorious luxury of perfumes and soaps. There is something so decadent about spoiling yourself with gorgeously indulgent personal products. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover the world of ‘triple-milled’ soap, but now that I have, I’m a complete convert. I can never, ever go back to anything less. I think you would most definitely love Mor’s gorgeous products – they not only look and smell divine, but they actually do what they’re supposed to really, really well. I’m very glad indeed to find out that you are a fellow afficionado of fine goods…I hope we discover much more in common…

  2. Kimberley

    Oh, I suffer the same syndrome… Its only recently that I’m spending moula-la (damn Budget ad!) on soaps, and body washes, and gels.. more than they should but.. it just makes you feel SO decadent. And somehow you feel ‘cleaner’, and more princess-y just because you spent so much. Can’t get past ‘Honey, I Washed the Kids’ from Lush, or Philosophy’s ‘Shower Cream, Bubble Bath and Shampoo’ (Currently I have Cinnamon Buns).

    Black Cherry Plum though… that would smell so gorgeous, and rich. It makes you feel bad unwrapping those ones doesn’t it!? 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Kimberley – When you’ve been denying yourself more expensive / better quality products for a while, it can be a real challenge to initially overcome the price barrier, but when the quality is oh so good, it makes the added cost SO worthwhile. I’ve been spending a bit more on myself recently, and I have to admit that I’m really getting a knack for it…

      Oh I love Philosophy’s products (the names, quality and the scents), and Cinnamon Buns is a firm favourite. I haven’t tried too much in the Lush range myself (but their store always smells divine). I’m only just getting back into using ‘bar’ soap after some time using some cheap and nasty liquid cleansers – from what I’ve experienced with MOR so far my skin has certainly enjoyed the change…

      PS. You really made me laugh with your Budget ad reference (I mean laugh out loud laughing)… 8)

  3. Shraddha

    I wish i could make myself buy something like that!

    We have been struggling financially for so long that now even when we are doing pretty good…my frugal ways are hard to shake!

    This does feel very tempting thought 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Shraddha – I know what you mean about it being hard to shake your frugal ways when you’ve struggled for a while (I’ve certainly been there!!). While I definitely try to practice a degree of financial prudence, you sometimes have to reward yourself with simple indulgences or spend a little bit extra to receive a better quality pay-off…Perhaps you should start with something small like soap? Honestly your skin will thank you for it!! 8)

      …(and in the long run I often find that the higher quality products, which often have a higher initial cost, will actually last longer than the cheaper alternatives)…

  4. jason

    okay, honestly, i never buy soap ever but that MOR black cherry plum soap is a freakin work of art. i am a sucker for packaging, and if i could rest assured that my wife would never open it (no chance) i would buy one.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jason – I know! It’s just beautiful isn’t it?? I really found it hard to stop at just buying one bar of soap – all of them look and smell completely gorgeous!!

      I’m a sucker for quality packaging too and this definitely works with that in mind. Maybe you could buy two bars as a compromise – one for you to enjoy aesthetically, and one for your wife to use???

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