One Saturday in Brisbane’s Valley…

The day has to of course begin with a wonderfully cute, awesomely comfortable pair of shoes (in my case a pair of Black & White polka-dot boots from ShoeShoe) which are perfect for driving and for walking.


After a quick wander through the Valley Markets it was time to indulge in a very, very late breakfast at our establishment of choice, Kaliber. Here we discovered that the food and coffee is great and very reasonably priced (think $6 for most breakfast dishes and $3 large coffees). While we opted for the poached eggs on toast, next time I think I’ll be swayed by the ‘homemade pancakes served with mixed berries sauce, maple syrup and whipped cream or ice cream‘…

Eggs on Toast

As we dined we were treated to the wonderful musical stylings of Danny Widdicombe – a wonderful Brisbane musician whose music is a little bit country, a little bit folk, a little bit traditional lounge, and a whole lot of cool (his song ‘Give Me Just One More Chance‘ is now a firm favourite).

Danny Widdicombe

Then off to do a little more browsing…a path which eventually found us exploring some of the beautiful, amazing, unique range of stores in the TCB centre. Somehow we managed to avoid temptation and simply appreciate (rather than buy) all of the beautiful clothes at Subfusco and the absolutely stunning range of men’s and women’s shoes at Vein Wear.

TCB Centre

Jumping onto a bus we headed out to the Brisbane Powerhouse to view the World Press Photo exhibition which showcases the world’s best press photos of 2008. While I felt that the display let the exhibition down (the rooms were too small, too dark, and the images were positioned in such a way so that it was hard to stand and contemplate them without getting in someone else’s way), many of the photographs were incredibly moving and very powerful. My favourite photo was an image of Michelle Obama napping on her husband’s shoulder by Callie Shell.


Rounding out the afternoon with some bakery goodies from the old-school bakery, ‘Baker’s Crust’ in McWhirters (my indulgence was a mini lemon meringue pie with a secret chocolate base), it was time to head home and rest our weary heads…

Lemon Meringue Pie

…and so ends a wonderful Saturday in June spent enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Brisbane.


  1. Jess

    What a lovely snippet of our city! I was just in the valley for a work lunch on Friday, and thought how much I’d love to go back in there and browse all the awesome little boutiques…

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jess – Oh there are some really lovely shops and unique boutiques to check out in the valley…I love the wonderful selections on offer from local designers (particularly at TCB)…I really need to starting saving some money though otherwise I would have spent up very big indeed. Perhaps you can do some window shopping next time you’re in?

  2. Paul

    That is a beautiful portrait of wonderful Brisbane day. That photo of the Obama’s is great. Do you think they are in love? That is how you can tell, in those moments when they forget people are looking. Beautiful.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Paul – So glad you liked the story…

      I love that Obama picture so very much. I would have to say that I most certainly think they are in love. As you suggest I think that it is definitely visible in the unguarded moments when you don’t think or don’t know that other people are around…

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