Spoils of Ikea…

I’ve been in a real ‘organisational’ mode recently in an effort to declutter my life and clear my head of unnecessary distractions. A very big part of this process has been to move my office around, organise my wardrobe and sort my books properly into bookcases. Where better for a girl to turn when she needs organisational help on a grand (and moderately priced) scale than that Swedish mecca of all things furniture and storage, Ikea.


As always one can go to Ikea with the best intentions of buying just one thing. Inevitably though the maze of goodies will have you tempted into making other clever purchases. My intention on this particular day was to purchase picture frames for some of my art purchases (of which I need many, many more), but of course I ended up finding so much more.

Amongst the bounty of goodies that came away with me can be found a new navy blue metal rubbish bin, two wooden shoe racks, two massive clothing boxes to store all my winter woolies, and of course the intended purchase of picture frames. All in all it was a good shopping effort, and it has made a MASSIVE impact to the tidiness of my room.