Chocolate. One of my ultimate food luxuries…

I have to admit that along with coffee, chocolate is another indulgence that I often become a little obsessed with (perhaps I have a problem with food and drink starting with ‘C’?). While I would happily indulge in ‘lower end’ milk chocolates as a child, the last few years (actually maybe more like the last 10 years, but that makes me feel old, so pretend you didn’t read that), I’ve found myself drawn to the dark side…and the darker the chocolate, the better. Lindt very quickly became my ‘go to’ chocolate of choice. 

Working my way through their high percentage cocoa blocks, I started out with the 70% cocoa before moving up to the 85% cocoa. From there the next logical step was to sample the 99% cocoa block – certainly not one I’d recommend for the faint-hearted or the casual chocolate lover looking for a sweet chocolate hit. This is chocolate with a capital C. Anyway I digress…

Dello Mano is a local business which recently came to my attention through the Brisbane Farmer’s Markets where my chocolate tastebuds were seriously tempted after indulging in a free taste test of their luxury brownies. I don’t think that words can adequately express how delicious this taste test was – perhaps all I can say is that if that was to have been the last piece of chocolate goodness that I was able to taste in my life, I would be very, very satisfied. Ever since that first taste, I’ve been a loyal shopper at their market stall.

Dello Mano Produce

Granted their products are not what I would call cheap (from memory it is $3 for a choc-chip shortbread cookie, and $5 for a brownie bar), but don’t let the price dissuade you. Remember that quality and not quantity is king. The shortbread cookies are amazing (and I recommend storing your cookies in the fridge prior to eating, as it really does add to the textural experience). And of course the luxury brownies are divine. So far I’ve sampled the Classic Belgian Chocolate and the Espresso Walnut Brownie – they make a wonderful dessert or very special treat.  

Brownie goodness

Look I really would have loved to share some of my brownies with you, but perhaps your invite was lost in the mail? (or maybe some crazy chocolate-obsessed fiend forgot to send you one?). It may be best for you to just order some for yourself (psst…they deliver Australia-wide).


  1. beth

    thanks for stopping by and commenting….

    and oh chocolate….really, is there a woman out there that can live without it ?

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Beth – Yes so true. I just could not even imagine what the world (or me) would be like without chocolate…such a troubling thought…

  2. Ricardo

    I know some people have near sensual experiences with chocolate. It is said to be addicting for some to. You are a woman who loves her chocolate .

    Sadly I have had to stay away from it when I developed some stomach issues from stress and anxiety. The caffeine sets of the anxiety and I guess it sets off the stomach acids.

    I shall recover and savor some brownies.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – Chocolate is such a wonderful food friend to have. It is always there in good times and bad. I’ve tried to limit my intake from time to time, but eventually I return…I feel that for me where chocolate’s concerned, life’s too short to suffer unnecessary denial.

      I’m very sad to hear that you aren’t able to indulge in chocolate…but I guess there’s always other sweet things to sample…

  3. Mental Mist

    Heyyy Tracey chocolate is my big C too although I went dark from the beginning… This is very very most very tempting :)!!

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Mental Mist – Oh cool, another fellow big ‘C’ chocolate lover!! I’m envious that you’ve been with dark chocolate from the beginning…I had no idea what I was missing out on for all those years (seems like such a waste)… Once I entered dark chocolate land though, there’s been no turning back!!

  4. Paul

    Cool. Ms Mist has made a linky circle of poems which end up here with scrumptious chocolate for all. Yummm,

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Paul – Yes I’m so happy that the lovely Ms Mist and her wonderful poetry have found a way to my little blog home. 8)

      And in celebration of this event I declare virtual chocolate brownies for all!!

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