Framing Art – Boo Bunny & Sleepy Pink Birds

Last year I found myself in a bit of an art-buying frenzy. It was so much easier to justify purchases of beautiful things which I could gaze on for a long, long time as opposed to the more fleeting pleasure offered by buying clothes and accessories. All my decidedly lovely pieces of art have sadly been stored away until I found the money and time to invest in some suitable frames. That all changed with a recent trip to Ikea, when I managed to pick up some frames for a few of my art prints.

The first is the ‘Gocco Boo Bunny’ limited edition print by Mandy Sutcliffe which now has pride of place on my desk. And just look at the lovely Belle & Boo goodies that I also received with my order – such generosity is something I love to be surprised with!! More of Mandy’s beautiful art can be purchased from her store Belle & Boo.

Belle and Boo

The second is a limited edition print of ‘Sleepy Pink  Birds’ by Melbourne artist Melissa  Haslam. Her art is exquisite and I just adore her dreamy, romantic vision of the interaction between the real and the unreal, the physical and the spiritual. 

Melissa Haslam

While I haven’t found the perfect spot for this print yet, for now it is just enough to have it framed, ready and waiting. Now I just have to tackle the ten other art prints which are still patiently waiting to be tended to…


  1. Jess

    That second print really is just gorgeous!

    Good luck getting the rest out to enjoy 🙂

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Jess – Thanks for visiting.

      Aren’t the birds in that print just lovely!!!?? I adore the wonderful romantic colour combinations and whimsical setting…

      Yes, I have quite a bit of work in getting all the other bits of art sorted, but it’s an exciting process… 8)

  2. Linda Lilly Cottage

    Oh that bunny is too cute! I have the same problem, except somewhere I have bought frames, antique ones, pale pink ones, wide white frames, you name it and they are in one part of my room and the prints and lying flat under something else. Now if I could just manage to get the two together we might be on to something….a trip to Ikea does sound good though, I haven’t been there for years….I know I know…how is that possible?
    Have a truly scrumptious day, kiss noises Linda

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Linda – I’m an absolute sucker for bunnies (and really more broadly, any kind of woodland-y kind of creature just does something for me). I just had to own that cute little bunny print as soon as I saw it!

      At least you’re more organised with your art than I am – having both a wide range of frames and the prints ready to go – as you say, all you’ve got to do is bring the two components together and *SUCCESS*.

      Ikea definitely has its ups and downs, but certainly for basic stuff around the house it just can’t be beaten. However I do love your idea of having a cosmopolitan assortment of frames to choose from – I love to mix and match homewares.

      Lovely to see you here again! 8)

  3. Paul


    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Paul – Honestly I really have to control my shopping habits though. I do believe that one can indeed have too many ‘things’. However I really can’t help myself around art (especially when it isn’t too cute, but says something a little more).

  4. Ricardo

    Cool art can make or break the room. So if you find something nice, grab it. It also sparks conversation.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo – I could not agree with you more on how important art is to the overall aesthetic of a room. I think for too many years I have undermined the importance of beauty around the house, but I’m certainly trying to make up for lost time now!

      That’s a good point also about art sparking conversation. Sometimes we can say so much about ourselves through the choices we make in art, music, books etc – perhaps more than when we open our mouths…

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