Grow my pretties…

Well after successfully enduring their artificial winter in my fridge for the past few weeks, all the tulip bulbs are now in the ground (or rather, in the pot). I’ve split my divine mix of 45 bulbs through three separate 30cm plant pots. Now they are being kept hidden from the sun while I wait for them to sprout upwards through the surface layer of earth to display their greeny goodness.

Planted Tulip Bulbs

In addition to my previous bulb purchase, I forgot to mention the arrival of my most lust-worthy purchase of black tulips a few weeks back… but they’ve also been ‘chilling’ in the fridge (I’m thinking they’re going to look smashing surrounded by a contrasting mix of white, violet and red blooms).

Ten of these lovely ‘queen of the night’ black tulip bulbs (which I purchasead from Van Diemen Quality Bulbs) are now resting patiently beneath the earth ready to awaken in the not-too-distant future and amaze me with their beautiful blooms (well, fingers crossed anyway).


  1. Paul

    Tulips! I love tulips, mostly because they are someone special’s favourite flowers. I’ve never seen black ones, they will be sensational.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Paul: I agree – Tulips totally rock the flower world!! I’ve only seen and read about the black tulips, but I’m yet to see them in ‘real life’ – apparently they are sensational! (though they’re not technically designed to be grown in pots… but I figured I’d give it a go anyway).

  2. Ricardo

    Then I shall second the post title on this one then.

    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Ricardo: Thanks so much! I certainly hope the tulip bulbs do grow forth and prosper, otherwise I will be licking my gardening wounds for some time to come… fingers crossed for success!!

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