Thoughts of Age & Hand Cream

With the winter weather causing my skin to feel extra rough and dry, I’ve been on the search for a really good hand cream. But then I thought about whether the very act of thinking that I need hand cream is a sign that I’m getting old? Such a horrible thought… But I have to admit that a few years back I probably wouldn’t have given hand cream another thought … and yet now, well that’s that story I’m speaking of today. That got me thinking about ageing in general and how our hands and our necks are often the most obvious places where we start to show our age… how awful! Then I remembered overhearing someone at work talking about their bunions, and then I realised that I don’t exactly know what a bunion is, but am I soon to approach an age where I should know what a bunion is? Or perhaps this is a sign that I’m not old yet, just getting older. I wonder what other important terminology I’ll need to know in the future? 

Anyway back to hand cream… Accepting the fact that I do need to purchase some, I took myself to Myer and then headed straight to the Aesop counter as I’d often heard great things about their products. Surprisingly (for Myer at least) I received excellent service from the retail assistant and was treated to a complimentary hand massage and some free product samples (without even asking).


Let me just say that the rumours are true indeed – Aesop have wonderful products. The hand cream sunk into my skin beautifully, wasn’t sticky, and left my hands feeling silky smooth and hydrated all day (even after several hand washes)…and the fragrance…simply sublime. I had to restrain myself from constantly smelling my hands… I think that may have looked a little strange in the office.

I haven’t quite made up my mind which products I’ll go with at this stage, but it’s looking like the ‘Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm’, and perhaps also the ‘Rejuvenate Aromatique Body Balm’ so that the rest of my body doesn’t feel left out. I’ll keep you posted with purchase news…


  1. Paul

    Fabulous. Do they have products for ageing humans of the male type, like a cream to stop strange hairs growing from my ears, or to make hair grow on the top of my head again, or to stop me from doddering down to the Bowls Club with the dog for a 7 ounce shandy on a Saturday afternoon? Getting old has many advantages though.

  2. Tracey

    Hi Paul: What is with that whole men getting older and finding that hairs sprout from all kinds of places? There are several men in my office who struggle with the battle against ear hair (and I have to say that for them it’s a losing battle). Perhaps this is a place for further R&D by cosmetic companies? 8)

    You really made me laugh with your response…thanks…

    I agree that there are definite advantages in getting older, I just wish that life didn’t pass me by so quickly while I think about how it’s passing by…

  3. Ricardo

    I don’t thin you’re getting old. I don’t even know your age but I remain confident in my gut feelings.

    Hopefully you will remain bunion free and creams won’t be as needed as you think. It is true that you start thinking of things more as you get older that you would have never thought of while younger.

  4. friendinfashion

    Couldn’t agree with you more – Aesop is wonderful.

    Thank you for you comments.


    1. tracey (Post author)

      Hi Friend in Fashion – As you can tell I’ve only recently discovered Aesop’s products, but I am seriously addicted…everything actually ‘works’ and smells wonderful!!

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