Things Once Lost Have Now Returned…Part Three of Three

On one particularly miserable and boring lunchtime in Brisbane (of which I experience many), while trying to kill some time before I had to go back to the office I found myself wandering past one of the Antique / Estate Jewellers. I’m quite partial to estate jewellery as it feels like a wonderful way to recycle not just the piece in question, but the memories and experiences that have been associated with its previous lives. Anyway I digress…

In the crowded front window display I noticed the cutest little silver bear pendant for sale. It seemed so ‘me’ and felt so right, but unfortunately even at its reduced price I didn’t exactly have the money to spare for a jewellery indulgence at that time. And so I returned over the next few days to gaze at his cute little face and wonder whether I should just rack another purchase up on the much-maligned and over-used credit card…I decided that it just wouldn’t be wise.

The next week I returned to the store, and of course the little silver bear pendant was nowhere to be seen, he had obviously gone home with a new owner. I was a little disappointed, but if you don’t have the money, you just don’t have the money, simple as that.

I’ve thought about that little bear off and on, and even returned to the store from time to time to see whether he had been returned to sale for some reason or another…but no, I think he was enjoying his new life.

All this changed though when I once again found myself with some time to kill and my legs seemed to carry me back to the Estate Jewellery store. Who should I find tucked away in the back corner? Well none other than a little silver bear pendant. After a short internal debate, I figured that this was destiny (especially as it completed by trifecta of once lost items) – it would be wrong to turn my back on what fate had once again thrown into my path. He is now mine.