Stella McCartney = Beautiful


This is just quite simply a breathtaking piece of art. 

Lucky Spot

Stella McCartney’s stunning chandelier made with over 8,000 Swarovski crystals – ‘Lucky Spot’ has returned to Belsay Castle.

The huge leaping horse first made its appearance in 2004 as part of a contemporary art exhibition ‘Fashion at Belsay’.  Apparently the three-metre high chandelier proved to be so popular, that Lucky Spot has been restored to its original glory.

This must be an amazing installation to view in-person, but in lieu of that the photos seem to capture some of the intended ambience of the piece and give an idea of its spectacular presence. While Stella McCartney is clearly a gifted fashion designer, I love how (like any creative person) her creativity can’t be contained to one field, it spills over into all other parts of life.