Things Once Last Have Now Returned…Part Two of Three

On a trip to Melbourne last year, I spent some time at MagNation, a heaven (and haven) for magazine lovers. I came away from there with a couple of purchases, which of course made me very happy indeed. As I was leaving though I spied an interesting looking magazine which caught my eye with it’s interesting design and beckoned with the hints of what lay within.

Being an import magazine it was a little more expensive than most magazines I buy, and while I was taken with the content, I decided that I had spent quite enough on that trip to Melbourne thank you very much!

Pretty much ever since that day I’ve regretted putting that magazine back on the rack. For some reason the glimpse I had been given stayed with me, but on my return to Brisbane I wasn’t able to find it in the local newsagents…no great surprise there.

And so eventually I pushed thoughts of the magazine to the back of my mind, especially when I had other great titles like Frankie to distract me. After a while I’d forgotten the name of the magazine and just had the description of that one issue to go on.

It was not until last week (some 10 months after that trip to Melbourne) that I was finally reunited with that magazine. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping around online to find the cheapest subscriptions for a few of my favourite magazines, when I found myself at the MagNation online store. They have this really cool feature on their website called a Magdentifier which is pretty much exactly what it’s name suggests – it identifies a range of magazine titles for you based on a short quiz. After going through this process one magazine which was suggested for me was Lula.

After doing a bit more research on this title I found that one of the back issues was that very issue I regretted placing back on the rack last year in Melbourne. I’m so happy to be reunited once more…my subscription was processed about one minute after discovering this.