A World With Art is a Beautiful Thing

So during my recent hiatus from the blogging world, I’ve discovered a real love (if not obsession) with all things art. Sure I’ve long appreciated the classics such as Rodin, Monet, Gaugin, Picasso, Renoir and co. at museums and art exhibitions, but I’d never before felt a real desire to own art and adorn the walls of my house with as many beautiful works as possible. I’m not saying that I ever expect to purchase work from one of the identified ‘masters’ of the art world, but I am happy to say that I have been working at accruing a little collection of limited edition art prints all of my own.

I think that prints are a great way to enter the world of art – they are generally affordable, yet still give you that feeling of specialness that comes from being able to hang that particular piece of art on your walls. There are SO many great artists (far too many to mention here, and no doubt you have your own favourites) working on wonderful, awe-inspiring creations in an effort to bring joy into the world. If you were at all interested in buying assets that accrue in value, you might also be interested in the world of limited edition prints for this reason, as they will generally resell for a higher value, but for me I simply like to buy art for arts sake. I like to be able to gaze upon something in wonderment or lost in a triggered memory, think deep thoughts about big concepts, or simply in order to bring a smile to my face.

One particular favourite artist of mine who I just can’t resist sharing with you (this is apart from the wonderful work of my husband of course), is Dan McCarthy. His work is of course unique, beautiful and magical, but it also appeals to me in a way that I probably can’t really put very well into words. His art reminds me of the way that I like to look at the world – with respect for the wider scheme of things, in recognition of all that has come before and all that is still yet possible, and that people are merely one very small part of this great complex place we call earth.

I first stumbled across Dan’s artwork late last year, and managed to join up for a part-year print subscription (where you get a print out aside for you each month, and sent out quarterly). Each print is a real treasure and so it was with pleasure that I signed up for a full year subscription this time around. If you’re likewise inclined and would like to subscribe yourself – full year membership is currently open.


  1. Paul

    They are beautiful paintings and the print club is a cool idea I had never heard of before. Art lifts the spirit and gives life a context and those are so diverse and beautiful you could fill your home with them.

    Paul’s last blog post..Agenor’s Friends.

  2. TheElementary

    I also have never thought to own art, as such. But I think this is a very worthwhile endeavour: any piece of art that serves to remind you that “that people are merely one very small part of this great complex place we call earth” and that pleases the eye into the bargain, is a wonderful thing. We need to be reminded of the beauty of the world- and to have it on our walls, within reach, is very important. Art is a very personal thing, and its value is in how it makes you feel when you see it.
    I am glad you are back. I missed these thoughts of yours.

    TheElementary’s last blog post..The Tip

  3. Nico

    Oh I completely agree. I’ve been looking at art, painting, taking and posing for photos a bunch lately myself. The pics you’ve posted are gorgeous, shall check out the link! 🙂

    Nico’s last blog post..A Plea For Fairness In These Difficult Times

  4. Ricardo

    I did not know your husband was an artist. That’s great. Dan does have a very unique style. This is a good find. I delve into photography so I know what you mean by immersing yourself in art.

    Ricardo’s last blog post..Sheer Madness

  5. bee-Liner

    I too like the work of Dan McCarthy riminds me a little of Rodger Deans work, good stuff and nice blog, I will drop by some more.

  6. Lester Outsider Art

    I think that painting should acquire a tridimensional component almost shifting towards sculpting,


    Lester Outsider Art’s last blog post..DESTRUIR EL ARTE

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