Public Interest Courtesy Rule #20

SunglassesSunglasses, as their name suggests, are unfailingly useful accessories for limiting the negative side effects of exposure to the sun. The common feature of most sunglasses is their coloured or darkened lenses which reduce the effects of glare and help protect our sensitive eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Aside from their practical use, sunglasses have also been popular as a fashion accessory, particularly amongst film stars and musicians wishing to make a stylishly ‘cool’ statement.

A side effect of wearing the majority of sunglasses is that they hide one’s eyes from others. At certain times this can work to personal advantage, such as when wishing to partially conceal our identity or when we want to weep unnoticed. However at other times, our sunglasses may make other people uncomfortable when they personally converse with us, as they make a sharing of direct eye contact impossible.

As is often the case with items that have a practical and stylish purpose, there are those users that abuse the good of the item and apply the item to the pursuit of less than ideal pastimes. Given the ability of sunglasses to shield one’s eyes, some unscrupulous types think to use this feature to their advantage. From behind their shielded eyes they feel suddenly free to peruse everyone around them in a most unwelcome manner. With their eyes hidden these misguided folk believe that their ogling behaviour will go unnoticed. Without the protection of their sunglasses these people would no doubt be less comfortable with appraising others in such a direct way.

Such people who use their sunglasses for reasons other than the practical or the stylish are sadly misguided. The reality that these people need to face is that even though their eyes may be shielded, it is still very clear as to where their eyes are straying. People generally have a sixth sense about these sorts of things and can tell when someone is assessing their physical attributes in an inappropriate way. The advice for unscrupulous sunglasses wearers is simple – please cease and desist this behaviour at once.


  1. jan

    I have to wear prescription sunglasses, but I am totally amazed at the prices of sunglasses in specialty stores. They seem to be really big status symbols by buying the trendiest, overpriced ones.

  2. TheElementary

    Tracey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. That made my day- you’re on mine. Happy, happy.
    This post reminded me of the movie KPAX, with Kevin Spacey- Prot (the ‘alien’) wore sunglasses the entire time because supposedly Earth’s light hurt his eyes. That was an awesome film.

  3. Narnie

    oH dammit… I’ll stop right now then. But you know, some guys just need to be looked at a second time, heheh… 😉

  4. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Sunglasses prices are most definitely out of control, and especially considering that you can often get a ‘designer’ looking pair for a much cheaper price. I just can’t justify too much of a spend on glasses myself, but perhaps that is because I’m too busy spending on other things.

  5. Tracey

    Hi The Elementary – Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’ve been meaning to revise my blogroll for a long, long time so your appearance on there was really long overdue.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE KPAX, but for some reason I can’t really put into words why I love that film so much. I really enjoyed the book too, I would highly recommend it…actually I think there are three related books in the series, but I think I’ve only read two of them…time to update the reading list I think. Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. Tracey

    Hi Narnie – Hey I’m all for some good old traditional ogling, so long as it’s subtle, so feel free to continue to indulge!! I firmly believe that beauty requires appreciation. After all these ‘rules’ are only a bit of fun. I just get irritated at some of the men I see who think they are watching undetected…it’s more funny than anything.

  7. team gingerbread

    Myself, I use the sunglasses to hide the fact that I’m sleeping on public transportation and to check out people’s outfits. I definitely recognize the creep-factor though…

  8. harmonie22

    I really liked this post. I know what you mean about feeling someone’s eyes on you even when you can’t see them. Creepy.

  9. Tracey

    Hi Team Gingerbread – Those are definitely good uses of sunglasses. I’m just not a very good public transport sleeper, otherwise I’d do the same thing. And of course, it is useful to be able to peruse other people’s outfits in peace…plus some sunglasses are just awesome!!

  10. Tracey

    Hi Harmonie22 – Thanks for your visit.

    I just hate that feeling when someone’s eyes are on you. There are a few people at my work who somehow think that even if they are obviously standing there and staring straight at you, that no one will notice them because of the shades…people can be so amusing.

  11. PaulS (gingatao)

    And here was me thinking I’ld been getting away with it all these years, oh well. Cool post, the writing is wearing sunnies it’s that cool,

  12. Tracey

    Hey PaulS – BUSTED!! …just kidding… I’m sure you are more of a keen observer and not a sleazy ogler.

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