For the love of the words

NotebookSome of you have been kind enough to note the lack of words appearing here in recent times. Your attention and encouragement is humbling and most gratefully accepted. I apologise wholeheartedly for the deafening silence you have heard in response from my end.

While perhaps not evident here, words have never been far from my thoughts. I have simply let myself become too preoccupied with other distractions to let the thoughts connect and solidify into something real.

Words, I respect you too much to do you inferior service, and so rather than have you run from me first, I’ve run from you. Sometimes I do this with things that I care for almost too much.

Aside from apologising for my apparent neglect, also know that not being here has had you more on my mind than ever before. Rather than let the words continue to run endless circles through my mind, I will do my best to be here in mind, body and soul on a much more regular basis.

When those new words appear I hope you will all be kind enough to make a visit…or drop a line…


  1. Ivan

    Nice to have you back.

    It’s amazing the things that come up in our lives that takes us away from the things we love to do…

  2. jan

    I’m glad to see you pop up on my reader. You are very talented, I just thought you must be finishing a book or something.

  3. Tracey

    Ivan – Thanks for the welcome back! I guess all we can do is try to keep the distractions in life to a minimum and focus on the really important stuff that we love to do.

  4. Tracey

    Jan – Thank you for your (as always) lovely words. I have missed dropping through your blog as well – that’s the next thing that I’ll catch up on. While I’ve been working on some short stories here and there, I haven’t got around to finishing off anything larger than that – but thanks for thinking I might have been! 8)

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