Dedicated to the Artists of the World

Nick CaveIf I was to be a song I would like to be a song crafted by the hand of Nick Cave* – rich with melancholic overtones, resplendent in aching beauty and emotionally real in a way that resonates with the heart and the soul.

He is an artist who never fails to get under my skin, weave his way right to my core, and commune with the very essence of who I am. With word and with melody he is a master craftsman capable of building the most wondrous of things.

I hold in the highest regard all those that build something real in this world; those who create something unique that no other person can ever hope to imitate. What we make does not have to rival the highest mountain or outshine the greatest works of art held in museums, it is simply something of ourselves that touches against the world. Whether that is a song, a novel, a house, a bridge or a pancake – the detail of what we construct is not important. Without even intending to, our creations will always be unique regardless of the scale on which we are working.

For all those that take care to craft with thought and consideration, please accept this simple gift of praise and admiration. In appreciation of your efforts I present here something Lee & Scarfcrafted of my own hand, something beyond these words. Something which required my hands to learn a new language and work in unison towards a common goal. Something that no one else could craft in quite the same way. Nothing special I know, just a simple knitted scarf as worn by Lee… and yet without me this scarf would not exist.

We are all artists at some point within our lives without us necessarily being aware of it. Perhaps we don’t win Oscars, perhaps our designs don’t appear on the catwalks of Paris, and perhaps we haven’t been awarded the Man Booker prize for fiction. In fact what we craft may only be seen by one person or shared with a select few. Whatever the size of our receiving audience, our efforts should still be recognised.

We marvel at great architecture, gaze in disbelief at the immensity of natural wonders and stand awe-struck by other people’s artistry. We live amongst these beauties of the world, showing them due respect. However we should never forget that we are ourselves creators capable of many great things.

*PS. Happy times indeed in the world of QuietPaws!! This week I discovered that Nick Cave is returning to Australia for a National tour. I think you can guess who will be amongst the audience.


  1. jan

    You have expressed quite brilliantly the secret of being content to live within our own skins, content with who we are and what we can do.

  2. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Thanks for your kindness. I think it’s so easy to forget what we as individuals can contribute to the world at large. Sometimes all we need is a reminder…

  3. Wanderer

    Hello Tracey,

    I don’t know much about scerves, but yous looks very stylish, despite the model (only kidding Lee). 🙂

    Thank you for reminding us that we can all contribute to this world and that we deserve to be happy about our accomplishments. I take pride in my work for this very reason.

  4. Tracey

    Hi Wanderer – I don’t pretend to know much about scarves myself. But I do know that you are quite fun and quite easy to make. I have another in the works as I write. A different design and different stitch this time around…

    I happen to think that the model is quite dashing…but perhaps I am showing my personal bias! 8)

    I think it is important for creativity to be honoured and for each of us in the world who contribute to it around the world to be reminded of the role we play.

    Thanks for your thoughts…

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