Captain Jack Harkness was right

Jack HarknessTogether at last! What a beautiful day you are 7th July 2007. We live in auspicious times indeed!! Do you know how special you are? Did you know that I long sensed your approach and held you often in my thoughts?

Captain Jack Harkness, that most delicious traveller of time and space has many a clever thing to say about life. But did he know how right he would be when he said:

The 21st century is when everything changes, and you gotta be ready‘.

He obviously knew just what I now know, but perhaps we were speaking of unrelated things…a trivial difference.

Dealing as he does with the interests of Torchwood, perhaps he speaks of things on a grander scale, actions with consequences that have global or universal impacts. No doubt he has knowledge of such things that I cannot and will never know or fully understand. I take comfort that at least one of us has an awareness of such matters and will act appropriately to the circumstances of the hour.

But did he know that it is on this day that everything will change for me? A personal day of reckoning if you will. Some time ago I remember reflecting on things that I had not yet done or achieved in my life – some minor things, some major things. As I committed those words to the permanency of the black and white world, I somehow sensed that it would be in this, the thirtieth year of my life that the world would shift, leaving me never quite the same again.

While my thoughts were looking to the past at what had not yet come to be, my eyes was also turned to the unknown future, to what was still yet to be. That was when we found eachother, seventh of July. Your grouping of sevens felt permanently real, incredibly significant, and yet somehow within my reach. I knew that just as I was moving towards you, you were moving towards me. A soulmate in the timeline of my life.

The world is in a state of constant change, the moon waxes and wanes, the sea rises and falls, the stars twinkle and die, the earth wears away. Such events are always unfolding around us, even though the results may be imperceptible to us on our short timescales. While such change may be slow, continual or hard to appreciate in human terms, this does not mean that it is not happening. Jack knows just what I mean.

Captain Jack Standing TallHuman change in physical terms can be more readily gauged. We see people do things such as grow taller, gain muscle, alter their hair colour, update their wardrobe or put on weight. But what about those changes that occur below the surface? Those things that are important to each of us. Those things that we want from and for ourselves in this life. Those things that perhaps we never share with others and only whisper softly to ourselves in the darkest hours of the night. Those things that may be regarded by others as unimportant or commonplace. What others think is of course of no consequence. Life sets us all on a different path and there is no way of judging another person’s journey from the outside as their experiences, hopes, triumphs and tragedies, can never fully be my own. I like to think that Jack would understand this too…he’s perceptive like that.

Some of the things that happen in life will be good, some will be bad. It’s not really up to us to choose how things will unfold. To be open to the good, will also open you up to the bad, that is simply the balance of life. Up until this year I had never made an overseas phone call (got to speak to the wonderful Fionn Regan some months ago in Brighton), never broken a bone in my body (overcame that with a broken ankle), never been published (some of my articles appeared in a free press publication) and never knew how to knit properly (a completed scarf is evidence of this rediscovered skill).

There are many other things that are on the list of what I still want to achieve this year. There are also things to be written on a list that I cannot see, a collection of things that will happen in the future that I had not planned for. But such is the unexpected experience that is this life. As dark and disturbing as it can sometimes be, I doubt whether I would change a single thing…even if I had the chance. We learn so much from the good and the bad without even knowing it, that I would hate to turn my back on any of the lessons that I have learnt. They have all been too important in bringing me to this point in time.

So here we are, you and me. You – this one unique day early in July at the beginning of the 21st century where everything will change. And me – well I’m here and I’m ready. Thanks for reminding me Jack.


  1. The Artist

    I wish you well with all change in your life.

  2. Tracey

    Hi The Artist – Thanks so much for your well wishes. It’s funny really that I hadn’t thought about the strong element of ‘change’ that I wrote of here until you mentioned it…even though now it seems so clear to me. Thanks!!

  3. John

    It’s rarely a particular day with me. It’s usually part of a day, or a moment that sticks its head up and reveals some freaky revelation to me…

    perhaps cropping up a couple of days later to whisper a reminder before the rest of the world crowds in.

    I guess we all have our own kind of calendar floating within the ol’ time vortex, scribbling its reminders on our souls. Speaking of which, something is bleeping me even as I write this.

  4. Lee

    Ahhhh now you’re sounding more like my wife – using science fiction to illustrate your ideas!!!!

    I generally find it’s the lowest points in my life that tend to be the turning points in my life. Is that depressing?

    I also find a great many turning points in my life have just crept up on me. For instance I recently discovered that my favourite flavour in the world is mint chocolate. I know that’s not huge or world changing but it is a fact that I wasn’t completely aware of until this point.

  5. Tracey

    Hi John – I know just what you mean. You can just never tell when those ‘moments’ will strike. Sometimes it isn’t until after they have passed that you look back and think ‘mmmmm….I wonder what that was trying to tell me?’

    I like the way you put it ‘scribbling reminders on our souls’ – that sounds exactly right to me.

    This date – the whole 07/07/07 thing is probably the first time I’ve thought of a particular date in a significant way. I think we take the lessons and the messages from wherever and whenever they come.

  6. Tracey

    Hi Lee – I think that it is in the extremes of life (the highs and the lows) that we see with greater clarity. In the middle ground of life things are not so clear and distractions are ever present, but on the edge of the cliff you really find out what sort of person you are or what sort of person you want to be….we’ve both been there many times together. In such a way we learn lifelong lessons….at least I hope we do!

    I don’t have a favourite flavour…. 8(
    That makes me sad…but it’s nice to know you like minty chocolate.

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