Sounds of Will Stratton in the Air

Will StrattonHere on the East Coast of Australia we are currently caught within the clutches of a deep, dark winter….well I say deep, dark winter but here winter is more often than not bright and fleeting. Still a girl can dream…

While we may not get the driving rain, the sleet, the snow or the biting cold, we do get some beautifully crisp and bone chillingly cold winds which are felt deep within even the warmest of souls, reminding us what it is to be alive in this world. These winds rattle the trees to the core of their textured hearts, race past windows as they call with ghostly songs, and threaten to capture those without firm footing or calm sanctuary.

But just as these winds can unsettle and steal as they move on their fanciful flight, they also transport magic on their unseen wings. One such delivery dropped from the sky at my door on the back of a particularly blustery breath of the earth. This delivery did not come in the form of a person, an animal or in fact an individual of any description. This delivery was instead in the form of a song, a voice that emerged from the pool of life still dripping with honest intention and the most beautiful sensations of a place that many have long forgotten. I speak of the extraordinarily talented musician, Will Stratton and I thank these sweet winter winds for their gift. In the spirit of unexpected pleasures which winter brings I thought it fitting to unwrap this gift here with you.

If we speak quietly the wind can be trusted to turn its ear to softly whispered secrets and the promise of future wonder. Stratton is a singer-songwriter who hails from America and his debut album What the Night Said will be released soon – on the 24 July 2007 to be precise. He writes with incandescent light that shines brightly to expose hidden beauties and almost forgotten meanings. His lyrics are delivered with delicate respect for the fragile nature of the living word and with perfectly pared back simplicity.

The owls are singing, I must
Sing along with them and find out
Where I began, where I began

In this song Stratton demonstrates a sweetly melodic voice that is rich in memories and recollections, balanced against the trickling sounds of a rising and falling guitar. This is music pleasing not just to the ear; it causes the soul to stir and the spirit to smile.

I’d hate to Leave You
And you understand what I
I mean when I say that I’m heartless just like flint
That never sparks

Here we find irresistible textures and a chorus which pulls the listener into its world of rich warmth and emotion. This song is a thickly painted canvas full of sweeping strokes and strong visuals realised in musical form. A selection of tracks from Stratton’s forthcoming album are available for all of our listening pleasure on his myspace site, which is well worth the visit.


  1. jan

    Love Will Stratton!! Must remember him to warm my life when winter comes.

  2. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Oh wonderful, so glad you like him!! He will certainly fill your heart with warmth and sublime beauty…. 8)

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