Sorry for the absence…

Night SkySometimes thoughts of change fill the air and fill the mind to such an extent that there is no picture of clarity. Everything is swirling in the mists and it seems like nothing is possible and no path will ever be revealed.

Perhaps as the seasons change the mind is left feeling out of sorts and looking for something which perhaps has never been lost, has never existed or has never been seen before.

On the surface things in nature seem much simpler. Change is triggered and revealed in a physical sense through climatic shifts which have measurable outcomes such as increases in rainfall, a cooling of the temperature, and changes in the colour of leaves on the trees.

For now I want to draw the velvety cloak of the night down from the sky and wrap its cool mystery around me for a while. Time spent in that dark embrace to just rest for a while until the fog subsides and the mind is clear once more.


  1. jan

    Welcome back. I have you on my Google Reader and have missed your writing.

  2. LuckySnap

    Hi Tracey, Glad to see Iwasnt the only one MIA for a while! I think I just needed to “reboot” for a while.

    The last paragraph in this post makes me feel all warm and cuddly. So beautifully said. Glad to see you back!

  3. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. As you can see it’s taken me a little longer than expected to find my blogging feet again, but hopefully I’m back permanently now. It’s been a crazy couple of months…I’ll stop by your blog soon!! I’ve missed your animal tales of triumph and tragedy that’s for sure.

    HI LuckySnap – It’s good to see you back as well. Perhaps it’s just this time of year that things seem to be a bit out of sorts. Thanks as always for your kind words and always positive encouragement…you are an inspiration!

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