Jack Bauer’s Guide for the Modern Man – Part 2

Last time Jack inspired us with valuable guidance on how to embrace your inner man and live your life in true Bauer style. We have here now another series of pointers straight from the school of Bauer to assist with life’s challenges and unknown dilemmas.

CityDemeanour: Remaining calm under pressure should be an objective at all times. There is nothing to be gained from giving in to panic or losing yourself to fear. Such actions can only result in failure or a loss of respect in your abilities. Display courage and maintain confidence in all that you do, making sure not to cross that line between confidence and arrogance. If your ego steps into overdrive it will not impress anyone and will actually become a barrier to whatever it is you are trying to achieve, whether that is to make a decision or lead others to action.

Politeness and respect for other people should also be naturally invoked in your dealings with others. Sometimes though your frustration may get the better of you or you may be irritated by other people not aligning themselves to the appropriate objective. Try your best at these times to at least apply civility.

Fitness: By all means keep yourself fit and healthy, and if possible a lean, mean, fighting machine. One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to work in a job that requires you to stay at peak physical fitness and keeps you constantly on the move. Such practical fitness is also highly likely to garner you much appreciation and praise from those of the gender you are trying to impress.

Excellent physical activities include running, jogging, lifting weights, boxing and no doubt some self-centering meditation would also come in handy. As for what to wear if you need to do off-the-job exercising, stick to basic exercise attire like t-shirt and shorts. Never ever wear lycra unless you are infiltrating a lycra factory, and even then your motives may be questioned.

Relationships: Be loyal to those you trust and love, and always be mindful of the fact that relationships consist of two separate but equal parts. The status of any relationship should always be known by both parties, whether that be married, exclusive partners or separated, the lines and boundaries should be as clearly defined as possible.

If you find yourself in a relationship which continues to develop and emotions are deeply felt, by all means enter into a commitment. When you are with someone expressing your feelings is fine, but remember that there is a time and a place for certain types of affectionate displays. Make the most of time spent in eachother’s company because you never know when your time together may be unexpectedly cut short.

Career: By all means have a career, have a purpose to your life, but never forget that there is more to life than work. While it is not always possible for life to be held in perfect balance with time spent at work, even when priority skews heavily to one extreme for a time, it should always return to some semblance of practicality. Family and other personal relationships are a vital part of life, and should remain a priority as much as possible.

Ethics: Remain loyal to yourself and to your moral code, compromise should never be an option. As much as is possible, treat all other people with respect and civility. Of course this guideline should be ignored if you are dealing with dirty rotten turncoats. Be guided by your heart and your head and apply thought processes that could best be described as warm logic. While the application of cold, hard logic is an ultimate goal, in reality human factors always come into play making it impossible to be completely dispassionate.

…So where does this leave today’s modern man? In life, there are much worse goals to aspire to than trying to be just a little like Jack, and who knows perhaps with some Bauer guidance the world will be just that little bit better…


  1. Lee

    “Never ever wear lycra unless you are infiltrating a lycra factory, and even then your motives may be questioned.”

    That’s brilliant, just brilliant.

  2. jan

    I loved this post. I just wish he would find someone less annoying than Audry to sacrifice everything for. Maybe better judgment…

  3. MC

    Jan, I don’t want Kim to come back. I just don’t.

    I have a feeling you wouldn’t want that either.

  4. Tracey

    Lee, Lee, wonderful Lee – While the practicality of lycra use under certain circumstances should not be underestimated…I just can’t accept it in reality…I like to think that isn’t such a bad thing.

    Hi Jan – Glad you liked it! Really there is so much Jack / Kiefer material to mine, I could keep going forever. I have to admit that I love Audrey because Jack loves her…I guess it kind of balances him out for me…but I can understand you having high standards for him. And she really isn’t looking all that great at the moment. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from here.

    Hi MC – I wonder if Kim will make a return? And actually Lee asked me the other day whether I thought Jack’s dad will be back this season?? I have to admit I just don’t know what I think…there are so many potentials!!!

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