The stars, the moon and the universe…

Ben Mitchell CloseupThere are many things in life which frustrate and disappoint. Never are these emotions more keenly felt then when discovering art and artists which remain largely unappreciated by the great majority. By art I don’t mean something necessarily lofty and inaccessbile. Art comes in many forms and in this case I refer to the crafting of music by talented singer-songwriters. There are all too many wonderfully talented and highly creative people who deserve much wider attention than they currently receive.

One such person is Ben Mitchell.

A Melbourne-based artist, Mitchell brings a level of authenticity and honesty to his music that really makes him stand apart from the rest. His songs of love, loss, longing and life are packaged straight from the heart and delivered right to yours. Unlike musicians who fail to connect, Mitchell weaves his special blend of musical magic into your soul and you’ll want to carry it with you always.

Take for instance the lyrics from his album’s title track, ‘The Stars Can See’.

‘She was waiting for a clue
For too long making do
He was staring into the skies
She was there in his eyes
Heaven knows where our love goes
And the stars can see…’

It is lyrics like these that convince me that Mitchell is a music lover’s muse. Like an artist’s muse who can inspire great things which are then realised through the creation of a work of art, a music lover’s muse has the ability to inspire and promote a good measure of introspection and reflection in listeners.

Aside from being full of quality music, his album will take you on a journey of self discovery, that is well worth experiencing. What I am most reminded of when listening to his music are those musicians that can only be described as ‘cool’. While ‘cool’ is an adjective that is used to describe pretty anything and everything, Ben Mitchell shouldn’t be grouped en masse in that way. He is one cool cat in the way that only genuinely old-school soulful musicians can be called (check out ‘Kitty Kat’ in particular and you’ll know exactly what I mean) .

Just in the same way that those who invest in art sooner rather than later are able to spend more time appreciating its intrinsic value, by investing in some quality time with Ben Mitchell’s music today, you will be reaping the rewards for many years to come.

Perhaps you’d like to check out the QuietPaws interview with Ben Mitchell. Maybe you’d like to listen to some of his music on myspace (you won’t regret it). Alternatively pay a visit to Ben Mitchell’s official website where you’ll find all sorts of goodies.