Forgotten Voices

Lone TreeHello?
Are you still in there?
Are you asleep?
You have been quiet for so long I don’t know if you’re still there.

Have you forgotten how to speak?
I haven’t seen you for so long I don’t know if I’d still recognise you.
Please come back to me.
I am lonely without you.
You make the space feel less empty.

You have become so comfortable in the shadows.
Have you disappeared completely?
Have you joined with the dark edges, becoming part of that which is never revealed?

That is all they see.
Please come back to me.

Who are you?
I want to remember.


  1. Tisha

    Weird I ask those questions to myself sometimes and on occasion don’t have the answers or find me…OK so that’s sounds rather freaky. Don’t mean to be so out there darling, you just make me reflect 😉

  2. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – It’s so nice to see a fellow traveller on these strange thought journeys….I think it’s perfectly normal to question and think ‘out there’ even if no real answers or determinations result…I believe it is part of the process of life and part of that whole life quest deal to figure out stuff and learn about ourselves.

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