Public Interest Courtesy Rule #14

Car ParkThere are some rules in society which we all generally accept. For instance road rules are by and large accepted by all who travel on our roads. Sometimes we may leave the ‘road’ area to drive into car parks to facilitate other activities we enjoy such as shopping, going to the movies or eating out.

You may feel because you have left the traditional road area and entered a car park area, that driving rules such as stopping at stop signs and following directional arrows no longer apply. This is a common mistake.

Just because you have exited from the road, this does not mean that the same rules governing your driving behaviour do not apply. If an arrow indicates that you can only drive in a certain direction, than that is the direction in which you must travel. If a give way sign requires you to check and wait for other traffic, then wait is what you must do. If a stop sign requires you to stop, then you need to stop.

Even if you spot a parking space just nearby which would require you to go against these road rules, you should resist temptation. If you can only get to a parking space by breaking the rules, you should look for another space.

It is a well known fact that car parks can cause the blood pressure to rise and lead to a build up of rage in the driver. This is understandable and sometimes unavoidable. However some of this stress could be alleviated by knowing that all drivers are doing the right thing and following the road rules as we all commonly understand them to be. This would lead to less angst, fewer accidents and less incidents of car park rage. Quite simply a more harmonious situation for everyone.


  1. jan

    There is a shopping center in our town that we are sure was laid out by a sadist to punish anyone who enters. Nothing is logical, it’s laid out like a maze to frustrate any driver. I expect “parking lot rage” to occur any day now with tragic results.

  2. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Now all shopping centres are scary but that one sounds off the scale. You would think that it is in everyone’s best interests to design car parks to be logical and to ensure that they are as easy to access as possible. It’s like the design of shopping centres themselves I suppose – they are not really designed to create a calm atmosphere….everything is about creating a frenzied feel so that we’ll just part with our money to escape from that living hell.

    We’ve had a few incidents of car park rage in Australia that I know of – it’s definitely a little scary to see how far people get pushed.

  3. LuckySnap

    I hate searching for a parking spot in a busy lot. Especially when someone snarks it from you….I always sit back though cause I dont want someone to get pissed off at me and pull a gun or something. You never know what kind of bad days people have before you run into them.

    Thanks for another sensible public courtesy rule Tracey!

  4. Tracey

    Hi LuckySnap – Me too! That elusive search for a free car space can be very frustrating…and very time consuming. I totally follow your approach – you just don’t want to upset the wrong person, there’s more important stuff to worry about then getting the perfect car spot.

    It’s always nice to see you here LuckySnap!! 8)

  5. Tisha

    New heading looks great Tracey!

    Ha driving…my hubby gets all worked up and starts shouting in the car when the window is up and the only person suffering is me and I’m like “they can’t hear you!” but he insists letting it out makes him feel better, so be it.

    Driving is such a source of aggravation, for the person in the passenger seat LOL

  6. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – Thanks – Lee worked extra hard on the new look. So all the praise needs to go to him. 8)

    Yeah sometimes it’s the people with us who get stuck with hearing the ranting, rather than the people who are actually causing the problem or making us angry in the first place.

    Driving is a great experience when everyone drives in a predictable way…the trouble is people are such unpredictable creatures.

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