Public Interest Courtesy Rule #13

deodorant.jpgLife is busy and often requires us to move from place to place, undertake several tasks within any given day and generally hurry around. Such activities also often require us to head out into the elements and interact with a wide range of other people, sometimes in close proximity.

The result of all this running around can be sweat and perspiration. If left unchecked this perspiration can manifest itself as an odiferous air in a person’s immediate vicinity. While this is a natural process, rather than ostracise yourself from society to avoid it, the problem is easily managed. Such unpleasantness can be overcome through the use of readily available cosmetic substances known as deodorants or anti-perspirants.

Anti-perspirants are typically applied to the underarms, while deodorants can also be used on feet and other areas in the form of body sprays. The most significant odour-producing zone is found in the underarm region and it is this area that requires the most critical and immediate attention.

Given that there is tremendous diversity in product type, fragrance, packaging and price, finding an appropriate deodorant or anti-perspirant can also be another way to define your individual style and taste. In modern society there really is no excuse not to apply such products; they are essential for the good of all ‘man’ and ‘woman’ kind.

Please remember that there is nothing to fear from your friendly deodorising roll-on or anti-perspirant spray. The danger only arises when you fail to apply such products and inflict the unpleasant side effects on other people.


  1. apos

    I must say you do such good work with these “Public Courtesy Rules” I wonder if anybody who reads them goes “ut oh, I think that’s me” and then does something about it. Hmmm.

  2. Navilyn

    At one stage, I thought I was going to turn out like Howard Hughes, but without his money – LOL

    But, this reminds me of a conversation we had on your Blog about getting on the Tube, and people having there armpits in your face because the Tube was so packed. Not a nice experience, so ladies and gentlemen, do a Tracey says, “Wash under those arms (among other places) and apply ‘that’ deodorant” BEFORE leaving the house…

  3. Maritza

    I wear deodorant daily but my parents never have and they don’t smell. Why is that? I once worked with someone who didn’t wear deo but tons of cheap cologne. The memory is making me gag.

  4. Tracey

    Hi Apos – Thanks…I find they offer a measure of therapy to write and hopefully other people have found themselves in similar situations. I’m sure there are a few Public Interest Courtesy Rules which we have all been at least a little bit guilty of at one time or another…but I wonder myself whether by recognising some of society’s less than noble characteristics whether we can change at least a few people. 8)

    Hi Navilyn – I think we’ve all had similar thoughts Navilyn! šŸ˜‰ It was from that earlier discussion that we had about your experiences that reminded me of this important Public Interest Courtesy Rule so thanks for the inspiration!!

    Hi Maritza – It must depend on the person I guess – your parents are very lucky. Ohhh…cheap cologne can be completely stomach-turning. Some people don’t realise that covering up a smell with lots of another bad smell is just not a good thing to do!!

  5. Amie Lee

    I have read in various articles that anti-perspirants are actually cancerous because they prevent one from perspiring… And that’s supposed to be a bad thing because toxins cannot be released from one’s body.

  6. Tracey

    Hi Amie Lee – Yep I’ve read something similar to that, though the story I read was based on certain types of anti-perspirants and the percentage of active aluminium which was present in the product. My advice is to go for those with a lower % of aluminium because even if there is no cancer link, surely lots of unnecessary aluminium should be avoided anyway. In Australia where it gets so seriously hot and humid anti-perspirants or at the very least deodorants are a necessary part of life. Thanks for your comments. 8)

  7. Tisha

    ha ha wonderful Tracey! And SOME people can’t even smell their own BO and go around stretching across ya YUCK, preventative measures people!

  8. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – Yeah this whole odour issue is certainly a BIG problem. Honestly in this day and age there really is no excuse to smell bad. But you’re right some people don’t even realise – there the ones who really need to read this post and hopefully realise the error of their ways.

  9. Nico

    Breath fresheners should also be required.

  10. Tracey

    Hi Nico – Yes so true…yet another issue that seems to be overlooked by many people. Maybe on buses and trains people should be issued with a breath mint at they enter, and perhaps a spray of deodorant…that would solve a lot of problems… šŸ˜‰

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