A Suitable Fairy Tale

fogcastle.jpgOnce upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who spent her days dreaming of luxurious business suits, opulent corner offices with river views, night time work functions and of course money. She worked hard at her studies and was rewarded with good results. While the specifics of the dream were not yet clear, the path seemed self-assured and logical. Over the years spent working hard at school the studious little girl had grown into a serious minded young woman. She then went off to University and pursued a sensible career path which had a chance of fulfilling her dreams.

Working diligently she achieved good results but after completing her degree she found herself wondering how she would cross the gap between where she was and where she wanted to be.

There was little time for contemplation however as the end of University resulted in the acquisition of a very respectable graduate placement. The sudden gain in financial and professional status was exciting and she enjoyed exploring all the benefits of being a professional woman working towards a goal. Decking herself out in the latest fashion suits, going to the gym and networking with colleagues she seemed to be living a dream life. With work tasks undertaken with enthusiasm and gaining respect from colleagues the little girl from all those years ago was well on her way.

However as each day passed it became clearer that something wasn’t quite right about her current life picture or the view she was aiming for. Not yet able to put her finger on the problem she thought that those niggling feelings would eventually dissolve.

Unfortunately despite her best efforts the feelings of discontent continued to grow. Rather than sit at her window seat and contemplate million dollars deals she gazed out the window to watch tree branches sway in the breeze. Rather than relish the opportunities provided by working in an exciting and dynamic environment where decisions really mattered, she wondered whether all these bits of paper were really necessary. Rather than attend team meetings which achieved real results, she spent the time wondering if the people around the table were really happy or were they just pretending like her.

Feeling that she was allowing her dream to slip through her fingers she wondered what alternatives were available. After pursuing one dream for so long it was disturbing to be set adrift without a purpose, living each day as it came. Would something else come along to take its place?

If the corner office was no longer desired what was? One thing that was desired was more time to write as nothing else cleared her mind and made her heart sing and soul complete than the release of words on a page. What about those luxurious suits, what could take their place? For the young woman her dream suit was now constructed of humbler fabrics, for her nothing seemed better than jeans, t-shirt and boots. And that much sought corner office, what would be the new location of choice? The ability to come and go as she pleased, whether that be sitting outside under a tree or walking the streets of the city, she longed to be able to explore whatever was currently inspiring her. Freedom from inflexibility seemed to underlie her new path.

For a while other factors became the focus as life continued to march forward regardless of her inner turmoil. It was thought that a move to a new city might reignite the fire of her original dream. With new surroundings, new people and a new profession there was enough distraction to avoid concerning herself with the lack of a clear dream path. Before too long though the same old feelings returned and proved impossible to shake.

With her time and energy increasingly devoted to the pursuit of her new dream, her desire to partake in even the charade of the old dream began to waiver. Eventually the small winding path that led to her old dream was engulfed by the surrounding forest and was lost to her sight forever more.

While the new path towards her revised dream is not yet clear she moves forward one step at a time towards where she thinks her true dream waits, and hopes that in doing so she will be able to live happily ever after…


  1. Navilyn

    We want more, we want more! Surely in time we have to get a part two to this?

    Brilliant, I love it…

  2. Heza

    Funny, I’ve been to that castle 🙂 It doesn’t seem fit for the character in your story. Although in a way, yes, because like the castle, her story is not complete. I wonder where she’ll go. A lovely beginning..

  3. Maritza

    I’ve avoided that corner office and big paycheck up to now. Brilliant story!

  4. LuckySnap

    Wonderful story Tracey! You have made the princess a “character” we can all relate to. Cant wait to see whats next on the path for you….ahem…the princess. 🙂

  5. Tracey

    Hi Navilyn – You are too kind! Well I guess at this stage the story is very much to be continued…but hopefully you or me won’t have to wait too long for its conclusion or at least the next instalment.

    Hi Heza – I thought someone might have been there for a visit…such a beautiful castle. I guess my reason for choosing it was that it looks like such a traditional fairy tale setting, whereas my fairy tale is a little less traditional.

    Hi Maritza – YAY for you!! It’s amazing how being out in the real world and taking on a different perspective can completely shift your priorities and change your goal set. I hope never for the corner office…the lure of money however is a hard safety net to shake.

    Hi LuckySnap – Thanks for your kind and inspirational words…yes it seems that you may just have noticed a little of me in this tale…I’ve certainly been doing a lot of reflecting recently. 8)

  6. TerraPraeta

    Great story, Tracey!

    I especially like to see these stories that follow the path or diligence and success, followed by recognizing that maybe there is something else. Too often I hear criticism about how ‘alternatives’ are just for those that can;t succeed.

    I know you’ll find your path.


  7. Tracey

    Hi TerraPraeta – Thanks so much for your very kind words. I like to think of alternatives at every opportunity, especially after spending so much of my life refusing to explore them. Thanks too for your encouragement…I’m sure that either I will find the right path or the path will find me…either way would be fine!!

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