REVIEW: Movie – Rocky Balboa

rocky.jpgIt’s easy to like Rocky. He’s an average guy who came from nothing to become something and be someone for a while. He had a wife he loved deeply, he is surrounded by people he cares for, he always tries to do the right thing and the man is kind to animals. But beneath this gentle exterior still lurks a steely grit and the heart of a warrior.

Rocky Balboa sees us return to Rocky’s life after the fighting glories have faded away to nothing more than legendary stories of times long past. While still well known in the community, he lives a simple existence without his wife and somewhat disconnected from his son. While Rocky seems happy enough, it soon becomes clear that something is lacking. He is searching for some sense of peace and closure.

After making a decision to get back into the ring and fight once more he realises that while he prepares to face other fighters, the real battle is inwardly focussed against his own inner demons. The movie is warmly shot and successfully contrasts the drama and spectacle of ‘the fight’ with the simplicity of everyday life.

Trying to create the perfect blend of fight action, adrenalin soaked training, touching family and ‘nice guy’ moments, it feels like Sylvester Stallone has perhaps dipped a little too generously into the sentimentality bag. Nevertheless this is an entertaining and inspirational movie and offers a fitting close to the Rocky franchise.


  1. Navilyn

    I was thinking about Rocky the other day, and asking myself, “Why?”.

    On my blog I was asking a question about Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford, who will be 65 in July. I know age is only a number, but…), why make another? It’s not about money, surely.

    So, I’ll do the same here, Slyvester Stallone, why make another Rocky? Albeit, I loved the first one; am all about the ‘underdog’

  2. Tisha

    Ha we were talking about it last night and funny enough I also did my version of a movie review today on 16 Blocks BUT I do not write as beautifully as you do Tracey.

    While I love the Rocky series I may just wait till this one comes out on DVD to watch it.

    Thanks for the review darling!

    Navilyn, I swear I am not following you…

  3. rashenbo

    My husband really wants to go and see that movie… I’m afraid I just can’t make myself go see it! 🙂

    Blog mad dropped me off and I thought I’d say hi.

  4. Lee

    I must admit I was the one who convinced Tracey to sit and watch Rocky Balboa as I’m the bigger fan of the franchise and therefore more passionate about it!

    I think after Rocky 5 and the horrible taste that it left most fans with Stallone had to do this. It is actually the best aside from the original in my opinion.

    Everyone likes to make fun of Stallone and his voice and now his age – i think everyone should remember that Rocky was an academy award winning film and that it has been awfully stereotyped over the years as an easy target.

    As for his age, George Foreman fought with some success at an older age. Why is it that when you get older in our society you’re supposed to roll over and do films like Howard’s End? (I’m not picking on Howard’s End – there just aren’t very many fight scenes in it LOL) Stallone looks like he is still in great shape – and it’s not like he’s playing a 20 year old. His age is addressed in the film and that’s part of the charm.

    To answer the question about why – it’s simple – why not? If people still want to see a character and it’s written with appropriate age then let’s go for another ride! Without that attitude there would have been no Star Trek 6 (which I consider the best).

    You’ve got to ask yourself after so many cowboy films why would Clint Eastwood make Unforgiven? Money always plays a part but I think Eastwood had one more in him that he had to get out and we’ve got another masterpiece.

    I’ll tell you what though – Eastwood or Stallone – there’s two guys I wouldn’t try and arm wrestle and I’m 30!!!

  5. Benjamin Solah

    I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies, but when I hear about them I think of ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ It’s a killer song and it always manages to psyche me up.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Navilyn

    I love Lee’s reply! Now, despite what I stated above, am still going to see the film! I personally don’t think unless you’ve watched something you can give a ‘true’ assessment of it.

    So, what date is it being released again? LOL

  7. Tracey

    Hi Navilyn – As to your questions of why do another Rocky film, I think Lee sums up the reasons more eloquently than I. One last Rocky? Why not I say. He is such a popular character and a real inspiration for the ‘common man’. It is clear also that Sylvester Stallone has tremendous affection and respect for the character as well. Often in movies we are subjected to the unbelievable and the impossible and while this most certainly has its charm, sometimes its nice to see a story about something real. A story which is grounded in the most basic of human experiences like how we ‘fight’ daily battles, how we lose and how we age. I think it is this basis in reality and belief in simple human connections which makes films like Rocky Balboa successful.

    Hi Tisha – As always nice to see you here…you are as always far too kind and far too humble. I really enjoyed your views on 16 Blocks. Catch you later.

    Hi Lee – Fancy running into you here…wonders never cease. Ever the defender of a noble cause and a wonderful summary of the value of the ‘older’ movie heavyweights. Eastwood and Stallone still impress the hell out of me!!

    Hi Ben – I agree, Eye of the Tiger is a great song and always manages to stir the emotions. Hope to see you again around these parts.

  8. Tracey

    Hey Tracey. I am Tracey too I do not really find too many others that spell it the way we do. Anyways I enjoyed your movie review of Rocky. I debated on whether to see it but now you have convinced me that it is definitley worth it. I love inspirational uplifting films. Check out my blog sometime it is all about the latest movies. Thanks again.

  9. Tracey

    Hi Tracey – Thanks for stopping by. Rocky is most definitely a good watch with a positive edge. I’ll stop by your site shortly, I’m always keen to check in with fellow movie appreciators.

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