Top 10 Musical Experiences of the Year

Rather than try to select and compile a Top 10 list of songs, or Top 10 list of albums from 2006 I thought it better for me to select a Top 10 list of musical experiences. By musical experiences I mean any aspect of music which has impacted on my life in the ways that only music can.

  1. Opened…my eyes to so many wonderful musicians plying their craft around the world. In particular the magic being created by Pete Molinari, Mushu, Beirut, Blowing Trees, The Decemberists, El Perro Del Mar and, Calexico.
  2. Succumbed…to my one and only guilty commercial music pleasure. I speak of none other than Mr Robbie Williams.
  3. Comforted…myself with some uplifting, vibrant tunes from The Boy least likely To, Jude and The Little Ones.
  4. Talked…with so many great musicians who I respect, admire and am inspired by each and every day including The Model School, Ben Mitchell, Matt Walters, Midnight Swim, Horse Stories and Even.
  5. Discovered…all the wonderful talent lurking within Australia which I had previously ignored. Musicians like Sodastream, Josh Pyke, Holly Throsby, Chris Brady, Sophie Koh, Dirty Three, Clare Bowditch, The McMenamins, Alesha Joy, Sime Nugent, Tim Steward, The Kindness of Strangers and Dead Letter Chorus.
  6. Remembered…those who have come before and given so much to the craft of music and inspired a legion of those who are creating music today especially Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, George Harrison, and Johnny Cash.
  7. Enjoyed…old favourites like Little Birdy, Thirsty Merc, Flaming Lips, Iron and Wine, Pete Yorn, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Sarah Blasko, Tex Perkins, Cat Power, KT Tunstall and Damien Rice.
  8. Welcomed…some wonderful artists into my world. People like The Weepies, Chris Bryne, Chris Garneau, The Album Leaf, Anathallo, The Bicycles, Rosie Thomas, The Quills, Jen Cloher, Lily Allen and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  9. Amazed…by incredible singer-songwriters and impeccable wordsmiths like Hawksley Workman, Sufjan Stevens, Opanoni and the Raindrops, and Jeremy Enigk.
  10. Continued…to be invigorated and humbled by all of those with incredible talents who challenge themselves and give to their art completely in a world that can often be cruel and unkind. I wish you well in your journey.


  1. Tisha

    Tracey, you brilliant writer, grateful you have the gift of writing and you choose to share it with us! May 2007 bring you all your heart’s desires!!


  2. Amie Lee

    Happy New Year, Tracey. 🙂

  3. MC

    That is a wonderful summation of a year.

  4. Patrick

    Happy New Year, Tracey.

  5. jodi

    Happy New Year!


  6. Tracey

    Hi Tisha – As always thanks for your very kind comments. I wish you all the best in this new year as well!! 8)

    Hi Amie Lee – Happy new year to you too! Thanks for stopping by again.

    Hi MC – Thanks so much for your kind words. It was just all too hard for me to try and do justice to any type of top 10 album or song list…there are too many to choose from.

    Hi Patrick – Happy new year to you too!! Thanks for the message.

    Hi Jodi – I wish you all the very best in the new year as well. Let’s hope it brings us all many great things!!

  7. Maritza

    Excellent list! I liked the way you categorized this.

  8. Tracey

    Hi Maritza – Thanks so much. It just seemed the way it had to be for me this year…music defines so much about who we are. Cheers.

  9. Alesha Joy

    Hi there 🙂 I stumbled across your site and wanted to say thanks so much for making me feel special!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and keep going for your dreams!!!

    Take care, AJ

  10. Tracey

    Hi Alesha – I’m so glad to have had you pass through the site. You have such a wonderful gift and your writing is such an inspiration…let alone your music. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

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