Christmas Greetings!!

Given the season, some Christmas shots of the two furry boys seem in order.

Firstly Baxter who was not the happiest dog to have his antlers put on. I’m pretty sure he thought we were trying to strangle him…He was happy enough in the end though as you can see.


And of course, then Memphis who was much more obliging with his antlers. I’m pretty sure he would have been happy to wear them around all day.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. jan


    They look most festive. Merry Christmas.

  2. blueyes

    Cute puppies, mine wouldn’t sit long enough to get a snapshot of it.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Tracey

    Hi Jan – Thanks for your message. I agree with you, I think they’ve scrubbed up pretty well!!

    Hi Blueyes – It took a while to get any decent photos of the dogs – they squirmed for a while until they realised it was OK. Thanks for your wishes.

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